Aiko Melendez defends Arnell Ignacio, takes a swipe at G Toengi for criticizing comedian’s hairpiece

Aiko Melendez defends Arnell Ignacio, takes a swipe at G Toengi for criticizing comedian’s hairpiece

G TOENGI recently took to her social media account to answer Arnell Ignacio’s statement on comedian’s calling other actors featherbrained. She may have a point in telling Arnell to slow down but she became too personal when she hit Arnell’s hairpiece.

It was on November 4 when G Toengi cried foul on Arnell’s taking a swipe at actors who gave opinions on how the government should be run. Toengi said that showbiz personalities have the right to use their voices to convey their opinions about the country’s important issues.

However, Arnell’s post on his Facebook account showed the image of actors as featherbrained, which Toengi did not like, hence, her personal post.

 “Sa kaalaman ko ang may mahinang ulo ay ang hindi tinutubuan ng buhok na katulad mo.” (what I know is, the featherbrained is the one whose hair does not grow anymore like you).

At this juncture, Aiko Melendez came to Arnell’s rescue and took a swipe at G Toengi thru her Facebook account, too,  last November 5.

Aiko alluded her post to an unnamed personality who became too personal in her attack on argument regarding politics but it was obvious she was referring to Toengi’s post.

Aiko stated: “Lahat naman tayo me kanya-kanyang opinion sa pulitika. (All of us has his/her own opinion about politics).

“Me kanya-kanyang paniniwala pero hindi kasi ako sang- ayon na mamemersonal ka sa pagtira ng kapwa mo.

(We have our own beliefs but I am against hitting your fellow man).

“Pwede kasi naman ang issue is about mishandling of some things, Pero para tawagin mo kalbo o panget o ano man kapintasan ng isang tao hindi tama…”(The issue could be in mishandling of some things, but to call somebody bald or ugly is not right..”)

Aiko said that it is not necessary to revile someone just to oppose other’s opinion.

“Kung may maganda at maayos ka na rebuttal sabihin mo out loud pero wag ka manghamak ng tao…(If you have a good and nice rebuttal, say it out loud but do not despise people..)

“Nakakalungkot naman. Dito na papunta ang argumento ng isang bagay. Personalan…(It’s sad. The argument has to go this way. Too personal).

“Lahat tayo ay me kalayaan sa pagpuna ng isang pagpapatakbo sa bayan pero pag nauwi sa personalan ang atake ano tawag dun?…(All of us has the right to say something about how a country is being run, but when it ends to personal attacks, how do you call that?)

“Think before you click, isn’t it? Gather facts first… There is no harm in asking…”

Aiko even added hashtags na “#lowblow” and “#justsaying.”

Aiko said, “Walang perpekto na pamamalakad pero tawaging kalbo or ano man ang creation ni Lord is something else. Low blow. (There is no perfect governance, but to call God’s creation bald or whatever is something else).

“Can’t she get a better agument than that?”

Few minutes after Aiko posted on her account, Arnell Ignacio posted to thank Aiko.

Arnell had one time admitted that he is bald and he is just wearing hairpiece made from his hair care business.

Arnell’s message to Aiko: “Maria Kendra Melendez [lovestruck emoji] Iba ka talaga, maraming salamat.”(You’re really different. Thank you very much).

Maria Kendra Melendez is Aiko’s official Facebook account.

The issue started from Angelica Panganiban’s tweets last November 1 alluding the government official not to sleep on their jobs amid Super Typhoon Rolly where President Duterte was not present during the press briefing.

Her tweets got Arnell’s ire and took a swipe on Angelica. He posted on his Facebook account that there are actors who are even proud of their stupid comments.

Arnell is a staunch supporter of President Duterte.

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