Citywide cleanliness drive in Manila

Citywide cleanliness drive in Manila

Clean surroundings are a must in any cohesive tourism thrust and as such Manila’s Department of Tourism, Culture, and Arts Manila (DTCAM) launched recently a citywide cleanliness campaign yes, that’s it, to boost tourism.

Last Thursday, enterprising Maharlika TV News roving photographer Kiara Lauren Ibanez chanced upon a cleaning team from DTCAM at the foot of the LRT1 Carriedo Station flushing, scrubbing, and washing off dirt untouched since time immemorial.

Involved offices in Manila’s cleaning drive are the Manila Northwest Volunteer Fire Bureau, BFP Tanduay Fire Rescue Unit, Department of Public Services, MPD Traffic Bureau MDTEU, MTPB, and officials of Barangay 306.

(IAm/Kiara Lauren Ibanez/BENJAMIN CUARESMA)

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