‘Teddy Boy’ loves, fights for ‘Dick,’ tells senator to ‘stay hard’

‘Teddy Boy’ loves, fights for ‘Dick,’ tells senator to ‘stay hard’

DFA Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin (Left) and Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon (Photo courtesy by abogado.com)

By Junex Doronio

THIS BOY MUST REALLY LOVE DICK and he’s none other than Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. who colorfully defended motormouth Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon whose Philippine Red Cross that he chaired was berated as “mukhang pera” (greedy for money) by who else but the country’s top alpha male in President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“W/o Dick [Gordon] you’d all be dead because the silly little operations the opposition mounted for cute effect couldn’t save a mouse. You should lick Dick in any spot he indicates to show eternal gratitude. You fucking flat nosed mumbo jumbos were totally in the dark when Covid hit,” the country’s top diplomat wrote in a tweet.

Although Gordon claimed that he was not offended by the President’s sting but he maintained that the Red Cross did not deserve the “not really presidential” remark.

“I think he (Duterte) was misled by the statement because the way the predicate was laid by Secretary Duque was wrong,” Gordon said earlier in a virtual press chat.

It was learned that since setting up its own laboratory in April, the PRC has been testing Filipinos returning from overseas, front-line and government workers and other individuals swabbed in state facilities, charging the service to Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth). Red Cross also separately charges private individuals.

But when Red Cross did not receive payment from PhilHealth for its bill amounting to about P1 billion last month, it stopped tests on Oct. 15.  The PRC only resumed on Oct. 28 after PhilHealth made a partial payment of P500 million and later paid an additional P200 million.

Gordon pointed out that PRC be paid at least partially before resuming operations as it didn’t have enough funds to replenish its supplies, including Covid-19 test kits.

It can be recalled that not long ago when Gordon complained about some Chinese POGO customers, who admit to bringing as much as $4 million each, which the senator expressed alarm that the money could be possibly used to fund private armies, Locsin quickly tweeted:

“Dick, stay hard; don’t go soft on this. We must have answers not lies.”

Locsin’s parting shot: “Keep it up, Dick.”

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