1st Maharlika Awards for Literature contest is on

1st Maharlika Awards for Literature contest is on

“We’re starting small, but big things grow out of tiny seeds.”

That, in a nutshell, was how Maharlika TV News literary editor Alma Anonas-Carpio aptly described the First Maharlika Awards for Literature which was official announced Monday, 09 November 2020 through her Facebook account.  

“We at Maharlika.tv are pleased to announce our first Maharlika Awards for Literature,” Anonas-Carpio said on her FB post.

The former Philippine Star desk editor explained further that “our contest aims to provide local writers and translators with both a platform for their works of short fiction and poetry in English, and a competitive environment in which their ‘word-smithing’ skills may be put to the test, with the best work receiving the top honors.”

“Our first cycle for what we hope to grow into an annual event is now open for submissions to its literary inbox, lit.maharlikatv@gmail.com. We hope to see your work in this email inbox. Good luck, and God-speed, writers!” Anonas-Carpio said.

The Maharlika Awards for Literature contest rules:

1. The MAHARLIKA AWARDS FOR LITERATURE will accept unpublished entries* of original poetry and short fiction works in Filipino Ilocano, Bisaya and Ilonggo and in English (written originally in English, or translated into English, with credit given to the translator if the translator is not the author) by Filipino authors.

*Unpublished entries means the works sent to us should NOT have been previously published from which the author received or still receives payment, royalties or any form of remuneration in any manner.

2. Your submission of work as entry expresses that you are its rightful owner. Your entry must be submitted along with your short bio-notes and photos that we will publish should your entry be approved. The contest categories are: Poetry and Short Fiction. There is no limit in length of entry and the author may submit multiple entries in any category.

3. After the review and approval by the Literary Editor, the works will be published* on the Maharlika TV website. From these approved and published works, a short list of five to ten entries per category per language will be picked. The top winner will also come from the pool of short-listed entries. The winners will be notified via an official email sent by the Literary Editor.

*Maharlika TV reserves the right to re-publish all the winning works in any future compilations of the winning works without any additional compensation to the winners. The judges’ decision after the final deliberation is complete, final, and incontestable.

4. The prizes for the winners are as follows:

     Poetry: Grand Prize of P15,000 + Trophy per language*

     3 Honorable Mentions: Plaque per language*

     Short Fiction: Grand Prize of P15,000 + Trophy  per language*

     3 Honorable Mentions: Plaque per language*

     *Filipino, Ilocano, Bisaya, Ilonggo and English

5. The contest period for this cycle is from 07 November to 13 December 2020. The winners will be announced on the website.

All Maharlika TV employees, including consultants and subcontractors, are disqualified from joining. (ia)

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