Bravery of OMA fire fighters hailed

Bravery of OMA fire fighters hailed

LET US SALUTE THE BRAVERY OF OUR OMA FIRE FIGHTERS: The Official Maharlika Association (OMA) wishes to congratulate Reservist Staff Sgt Dennis Yambao who led a team of firefighters of the Mandaluyong Seawolf Fire & Rescue Volunteers who bravely rose up to the call of duty to put out a fire in Sta Mesa , Manila recently.

All firefighter in the team are OMA members.

It is with these stories that strengthen the OMA and the quality of its members.

We are pleased to announce that OMA and the Monozca Foundation will be donating a LECHON (roasted pig), rice and soft drinks for the firefighters internal Christmas dinner as our gratitude for their service.

It is time that our OMA members understand that we fight together for our people and for good against the evil which lurks around us.







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