Cristy Fermin slams Kris Aquino but the actress reacts: ‘There are battles worth fighting’

Cristy Fermin slams Kris Aquino but the actress reacts: ‘There are battles worth fighting’

Kris Aquino and Cristy Fermin

By Evelyn Diao

NEWS about Kris Aquino’s show have been in and out of showbiz circle. Just recently, there was another flash, that she would be working with top veteran talk show hosts Cristy Fermin and Lolit Solis.

Then suddenly, the supposed show was cancelled. The two showbiz veterans called if off. Cristy slammed Kris and even vowed not to work with the latter again.

The botched online program would have starred Kris, Cristy, Lolit and Mr. Fu but Kris allegedly refused to work with Mr. Fu because she does not know him and because he is supposedly not in the level of Cristy and Lolit.

When Mr. Fu learned about it, he went to the rest room of the gallery where he and Cristy were at that time.  The talk show host followed him and saw that he looked like he just cried.

Cristy narrated that she saw him and Mr. Fu even denied that he cried and just said, “I just washed my face.” But she did not believe as she knows that Mr. Fu does not wash his face during “Take It Ferminute.” He already wears his make up when he arrives. What he does is just retouch. So, she was sure that the man cried.

This prompted Cristy to back out from the program.

Cristy talked about what happened in her radio show, “Cristy Ferminute” on TV5.

“Kami ang kinuha ng Puregold at S&R para gumawa ng isang proyekto na kasama si Kris,” Cristy said. (Puregold and S &R talked to us to do a project with Kris).

They would work separately, though, with Aquino using the office of her manager, Erickson Raymundo, as her studio; Cristy, Lolit,  and Mr. Fu would be streaming from Mga Obra Ni Nanay gallery owned by Cristy.

The show, to be produced by S&R and Puregold was supposed to air online for eight weeks.

Cristy felt bad for Mr. Fu because she knows him so well — his character, how he works and goes along with people. She really wanted to include Mr. Fu in the show and she vouched that he has proven something somehow. His line, “me ganun?” has become a byword everywhere, for Kris to say she doesn’t know him?

She told Lolit that she didn’t want to do the show anymore even if Lolit insisted it could be another source of income in this time of pandemic. But Cristy was firm in her answer that no amount of additional income could stand if principle is already involved.

Cristy even said that if given one Puregold branch each, she would not accept the project if it is with Kris again.

She addressed Kris about her power tripping. She reminded her of the times the actress was rejected by networks, but still feels she is still the reigning queen when her days are over.

Cristy also slammed Kris that she has not humbled yet despite all the setbacks she encountered in her career and personal life.  

In the end, Cristy emphasized that ATTITUDE is more important than talent.

Kris Aquino reacts

On November 7, showbiz editor Dindo Balares posted on Instagram about the issue between his “Nanay” Cristy and “daughter” Kris Aquino and also included were Mr. Fu and Manay Lolit Solis.

But he did not add fuel to the fire.  Dindo was in Bicol attending to his plantation which was destroyed by typhoon Rolly.

However, Kris reacted on his Instagram post ang commented, “Nagsalita ba ‘ko laban sa nanay mo? Binastos ko ba ang pagkatao niya? 

“Sa daming beses na pinagsalitaan niya ako ng lahat ng pinakamasasakit na below the belt na panlalait mula ulo hanggang talampakan—ni minsan ba, pumatol ako?”

Kris never fights back with Cristy.  Just like in boxing, the opponents are both in the ring.

“Eh para um-effort nga na pumunta sa Elorde gym, wala talaga akong balak mag-commute, mag-Grab, o magpa-drive,” stressed Kris.

“There are battles worth fighting & there are stories worth correcting, sa dami ng problema ng mga tao at sa mga responsibilidad ko sa buhay, hindi ito ang uunahin kong asikasuhin,” Kris added.

“Mas makatao at may katuturan kung tumulong ako sa mga Bicolano dahil sila ang talagang mabigat ang dinadala…”

 “I do not have to attend to every fight I’m invited to. I cannot control what people will say about me or do to me.”

“But I can control my reaction & subsequent actions,” Kris further said.

It is hoped the Lolit Solis could give light about these talks. The show has been cancelled and so is the issue.

Mr. Fu has also said: “Let go of it.” He has moved on. He is now focused on his painting collections and he doesn’t want to paint the issue on his memories.

This is not the first time this kind of misunderstanding happened between Cristy and Kris and how Lolit Solis always got irritated with Kris.

A writer commented, “they are old enough, so let’s leave it to them to fix it. If not, just let it be. (ia)

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