Fans in a row as they urge Janella Salvador to post baby’s photos

Fans in a row as they urge Janella Salvador to post baby’s photos

A NETIZEN who claimed to be a fan of Janella Salvador requested the young actress to post the photos of her baby on social media.

The fan reacted to the comments of Janella’s Instagram followers who said that the actress has been posting old photos this past week.

The netizens commented on Janella’s latest post on November 6 of a photo, which is part of the campaign ad for a shoe brand being endorsed by the actress.

The Instagram user complained: “lagi na lang old photos ang pinopost” ni Janella.(Janella has been posting old photos).

The request went: “sana ipost mo na yung anak mo,” para makita raw ng followers ng young actress na “proud mom ka naman!” (Hope you will post your baby’s photos so your followers would see that you are a proud mom).

One fan of Janella even asked pointblank: “Bakit, kinakahiya mo baby mo, idol?” (Are you ashamed of your baby, idol?)

Like the previous netizen, the fan told Janella “dapat proud ka rin” to show your baby to everybody, like other celebrity moms.

Janella didn’t answer any of those comments.

But her other fans defended her by saying just because she doesn’t post pictures of her baby means she is ashamed of her newborn.   

They said she is just probably protecting her “privacy” most especially her baby.

They further added that it is up to Janella if she doesn’t want to show her baby, what is important now is to give the actress due “respect” for whatever decision she makes. Her fans advised some netizens who do not want to see Janella’s old photos being posted on her Instagram to just “unfollow” her.

They further reasoned out that “keeping things private” at this point in time doesn’t mean Janella is hiding her baby.

They even added that although Janella is a public figure, it doesn’t follow that she is obliged to post on social media “about every single thing in her life.”

To recall, Janella’s boyfriend Markus Paterson posted very intriguing photos on his Instagram stories about a newborn baby in a transparent bassinet in a hospital.

The other was a photo of a sleeping woman on a hospital bed. The woman’s photo was zoomed in and looked similar to Janella.

Janella’s pregnancy was first published by Philippine Entertainment Portal( on September 18, courtesy of her boyfriend Markus.  Another source confirmed to that she was due to give birth in October.

This news came after the report that Janella and Markus flew to the United Kingdom, the actor’s hometown, where Janella gave birth.

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