Ynna Asistio and Nadia Montenegro lose belongings, home devastated by Typhoon Ulysses

Ynna Asistio and Nadia Montenegro lose belongings, home devastated by Typhoon Ulysses

THE family of Ynna Asistio was gripped with fear when flood ravaged their home in Antipolo, Rizal on November 12, Thursday. Their place was located on the boundary of Marcos Highway in Marikina.

As Typhoon Ulysses was sweeping the country with strong winds and heavy downpour, the wall on the creekside near their house gave in, paving for more waters to flow inside their house. At 2PM, their SUV was already being drifted in the flood out of their house. Ynna posted their call for help thru her Instagram Stories.

“Guys we need help na! Water, food, flashlights!!! Help! No way in and out!” Nadia, Ynna’s mother stated.

Ynna was grateful when a rescue team from Sampaloc, Manila came bringing a yacht so they could be transferred to a safer place.  A relative also came in the late afternoon to check their situation.

Ynna said: “Salamat po sa buong rescue team na sumugod para sunduin ang buong pamilya ko at neighbors namin sa Town and Country.(Thank you to the rescue team who came to our place to pick us up and our neighbours in Town and Country.(praying emoji)

“Everything happened so fast but now, we are all safe. “Praying for the victim of Typhoon Ulysses.”

Ynna also said that almost all of their belongings were destroyed by the typhoon. But she chose to give importance to the immediate response of their close relatives and friends of their family who filled their needs. “13 hours of non-stop worry, fear and stress.

She also posted: We lost so many belongings, it hurts, and saddening but thank you Lord, we are safe.

“Thank you so much @andrewlopez, to Santiago Family, Ate @asistiodarling for rushing to our place to bring food and to all who messaged us.

“Thank you especially to my ADKI family, Montenegro family and friends who were checking on us non-stop. (praying and crying emojis).Thank you, thank you so much!

“We can rest.”

Nadia Montenegro cries over the loss of all their belongings

Had the rains continued, Ynna and Nadia feared that their house might have fully been submerged in the flood. Ynna also reposted the message of younger sister Yssa who said that the other siblings were temporarily  separated from each other and had to stay in different houses as they cannot be accommodated in one house.

 Yssa added: “I could hardly believe what happened but at the end of the day, God is good. We are all safe.

As the flood subsided on Friday, Ynna and Nadia were able to go back to the house to check the situation and to clean up the mud.

“God is Good!,” Ynna ended.

Child actor Kenken Nuyad begs for help

Meanwhile, on November 11, Wednesday evening. Child actor Kenken Nuyad promoted on Facebook about his short film with Teri Onor,  “Biyaheng Madilim,” which was written and directed by Louie Ignacio. The film is an entry to the international filmfest Manhattan Virtual Events 2020.

Just right after midnight, Kenken posted again on Facebook about Typhoon Ulysses. He said, “O there’s a  brownout. Keep safe, everyone! Papa God!”

Then he posted an update that their house has been devastated by the typhoon. He then again posted on Facebook, Thursday, November 12, “Tulungan n’yo po kami hanggang bubong na po ang baha dito sa amin (Please help us, the flood has reached our rooftop). (4 crying emojis).”

He went on FB Live immediately asking for rescue so that they can be transferred to a safer place.  He even posted photos to show the extent of the flood in their location.

Kenken pleaded. “Please, please nagmamakaawa po ako sa inyo, tulungan n’yo po kami, wala pa pong rescue, (please, we are begging you, help us… there is no rescue yet.. please… )Blk 12 phase 1k Kasiglahan, San Jose Rodriguez,  Rizal,  Kenken Nuyad.”

GMA 7’s “Unang Hirit” was able to broadcast Kenken’s call for help.

But as of 4:43 p.m., KenKen and his family were still in San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Kenken showed in his latest Facebook Live that the flood has gradually subsided. But what was left was all mud inside their house.

Kenken related: Kanina pa po kami tumatawag ng rescue, hanggang sa humupa na lang po, wala po. Kaya po hindi na yata kailangan ng rescue kasi humupa na po, puro putik na lang po.” (“We have been calling and pleading for rescue until the flood subsided, but no rescue came. So the rescue is not needed anymore because the flood has subsided).  

Now, the poor child actor is asking for help and hoping there will be relief operations in their place.

“Problema namin po ngayon, wala po kaming pagkain po, kasi di kami nakapag-ready po.(Our problem now is food because we were not able to prepare).

“Wala po kaming damit kasi di namin akalain na uulan nang ganun kalakas po. Kaya po lahat ng damit namin na-wash out po.” (We have no more clothes because we did not expect the rain would be so heavy, all of our clothes were swept out).

He even showed the scratch on his legs which was injured when he slipped into a canal.

As of press time, there was no report yet whether Kenken has received any help from anybody or from authorities. (Evelyn C. Diao)

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