IP registration to speed up via ‘Sci-tech Superhighway’

IP registration to speed up via ‘Sci-tech Superhighway’

MANILA – Intellectual Property (IP) registration in the country would speed up as the government on Tuesday launched the Science and Technology Superhighway program, with the goal of fast-tracking processes, from the filing of registration, designs, and trademarks.

Three government agencies — the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) — signed a memorandum of agreement to make this program possible.

The DTI would link the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) for possible support. DOST-supported innovations and researches would be assisted in protecting their IP rights, while the IPOPHL would provide technical advice on policies and requirements to further expedite the processing of applications.

In his speech, DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña noted that an effective IP system would attract more researchers and investors. “This (program) will provide a crucial role in protecting scientific developments before (the innovations’) release to the markets,” he said.

“A fast and responsive IP system can convert innovation projects as a steady source of livelihood and higher income jobs,” remarked DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez. A faster IP application process, he said, would help the inventors to generate more socially relevant technologies.

For his part, IPOPHL director-general Rowel Barba said that the program would help to generate a more resilient and more innovative society and economies.

Under the program, the DOST is also tasked with institutionalizing a centralized system for filing and monitoring of applications from DOST institutions.

Data from the DOST bared that for the last five years, the DOST has assisted a total of 1,025 utility model applications, 434 industrial design applications, 149 patent applications, and 159 trademark applications.

“You can trust that we at the DOST will always strive to support and bring R&D (research and development) products to their maximum potential, by facilitating the process in which Filipino inventors and researchers achieve well-earned and deserved IP rights protection,” said DOST Undersecretary Rowena Cristina Guevara.

She added that the DOST believes that the program will serve as an opportunity to deliver “home-grown technologies” to their full potential while contributing to the country’s global competitiveness in the field of IP and innovation.

“We (DOST, DTI, IPOPHL) have agreed to pave the way and ensure that promising products of science and technology will be registered and protected. We are hopeful that the implementation of the Sci-tech Superhighway program would encourage brilliant minds to strive for more advances, and reap the benefits of their creations,” Guevara said. (PNA)

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