Famous Irish group The Chieftains to perform in Biden inaugurall

Famous Irish group The Chieftains to perform in Biden inaugurall

US President-elect Joe Biden

By Tracy Cabrera

IN an apparent show of pride for his Irish ancestry, United States president-elect Joseph Robinette Biden has invited the well-known Irish group The Chieftains to perform at his inauguration ceremony this coming January.

According to reports, the president-elect is a lifelong fan of the famous Dublin band and has already provisionally invited them to play at his inauguration in two months.

It is currently unclear, however, whether the Chieftains will perform in-person or virtually at Biden’s January inauguration, but the incoming US president appears to be determined to have them perform at the ceremony in some form.

The Chieftains performed for Biden when he visited band member Matt Molloy’s bar in Westport in 2016 and it was founder Paddy Moloney who disclosed in media interviews that the President-elect is a “big fan of the band.”

Moloney additionally revealed that the band had expressed excitement over the US president’s invitation, saying (they were) “honored’ to perform for Biden at next January’s inauguration.

“I did send a message to congratulate him. We would be, of course, honored to play for Joe and I certainly would go but everything would have to be safe to travel,” Moloney told the Mail.

The Chieftains founder said that the band would only travel to Washington for Biden’s inauguration if it was safe to travel but said that the band planned to play virtually if that wasn’t possible.

Moloney quickly added, though, that that he doesn’t engage in politics or religion but said that Biden had his support during the 2020 presidential election, which saw him defeat incumbent President Donald Trump by 306 votes to 232.

“I sent him a message after the election. He is a great man, and he’s as fit as an old fiddle. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him running all about the place,” he enthused.

Meanwhile, the wife of late Republican senator John McCain, Cindy, has said that she is proud of the people of Arizona for turning up in record numbers to vote for Joe Biden. The 66-year-old businesswoman and humanitarian released a statement on the official John McCain website after a number of US networks called Arizona and its 11 electoral college votes for Biden; the first time Arizona voted Democrat in a presidential election since 1996.

“President-elect Biden and I have been friends for over 40 years. He is a man of honor and defined by his love of the United States and particularly our troops, as was my husband, John,” Cindy wrote.

“Our country needed a new direction to heal the wounds caused by the outgoing administration; Arizonans showed up in record numbers and I am pleased that many joined me supporting Joe Biden,” she added.

Ms. McCain said that President Trump’s attempts to challenge election results across the country were of benefit to no one and caused more harm than good.

“The race in this state is not close enough to meet the legal standard for a recount, so we should accept the results and get on with the healing we need,” she stressed.

She has since declared that her late husband would have wanted Biden to be recognized and supported as President-elect at a time when Trump and his supporters refuse to acknowledge the results of the election.

Cindy was by her husband’s side when he lost the 2008 presidential election to Barack Obama and she said that she knew how difficult it would be for the 72 million people who voted for Trump to accept the election result.

“Of all people, I know what it is like to lose an election, so I am sympathetic to those who wished the election had come out another way, but I remember John’s example in 2008 of accepting the decision of the voters and moving on to the next challenge,” she concluded. (AI/MTVN)

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