SoKor donates masks to BRP Conrado Yap

SoKor donates masks to BRP Conrado Yap

MANILA – The Republic of Korea Navy Cruise Training Task Group (ROKN CTTG) on Tuesday donated K-PPE (Personal Preventive Equipment) to the crew of BRP Conrado Yap.

“This K-PPE delivery serves the purpose of expressing gratitude to the Philippines as a combatant nation in the 71st anniversary of Korean War; assisting the Covid-19 prevention efforts of the Philippine Navy; and promoting friendship and vitalizing the military exchange of the two countries,” Korean Cultural Center in the (KCC) Philippines said.

The donation includes 10,000 Korean-made KF-94 masks and 2,000 hand sanitizers and were transported using three boats from ROK ships Kang Gam Chan and Soyang.

CTTG commander RDML Kim Gyung Chul, noted that “at the outbreak of the Korean War, Philippines was the first country in Asia to deploy troops to help our country, and many bright young men sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom. We will forever remember the sacred sacrifices of the people of the Philippines.”

The KCC noted that BRP Conrado Yap is named after a Korean war hero, Captain Conrado D. Yap of the Philippine Army, adding much significance to Korean aid.

As a commander of special force company of the 5th Battalion Combat Unit, Captain Yap participated in the battle of Yultong in April of 1951 in Northern Yeon Chun, Gyeongi-Do province.

Captain Yap’s unit overcame the hardship of numerical inferiority and forestalled the attack of the Chinese force. From this battle, he sacrificed his life to save his wounded soldiers.

To pay tribute to his military merit, South Korea and the Philippines awarded him each nation’s most noble medals: the “Order of Military Merit Taeguk” and “Medal of Valor”, the KCC said.

The Korean government also appointed Yap as the “Korean War Hero of the Month” last April. Last year, the Philippine Navy named the Korea-transferred ROKS Chung Ju, a Pohang-Class Patrol Combat Corvette, after Captain Conrado Yap as the PS Conrado Yap. (PNA)

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