‘Tis The Season

‘Tis The Season

The F Word: Food By Chef Chris Lachenal

It’s that time of year again. Despite the difficulties of 2020, Christmas is something we will always celebrate. It may not be the season of plenty as we had been used to in the past but we know it is the season of giving, of sharing. 

This pandemic is tough, we know. It got everyone off guard. No one was prepared for it. Many lost their jobs, their sources of income, businesses shut down and employees got laid off. 

But we are a nation of strong-willed people that do not just stand and watch things happen. We get things done. We are known for our resilience; no matter how difficult life is, we smile and face the day as usual. Our happiness meter is hard to break. Resiliency, ingenuity, perseverance, and love for family fuel our hearts to seek ways to survive, to live. 

And then there were those who discovered they can get by with cooking. So they opened their tiny shops, small businesses that have mushroomed via social media. Food delivery services helped a lot in this area, too. If you were like me, you won’t mind paying a little more for quality food—cooked and prepared soulfully and lovingly, just how food should be. 

So here is a list of food that you can enjoy and share with everyone you love. With less than 40 days to Christmas, these gift ideas and delectations for the holidays could be a better option to feel the season’s cheer and the warmth in giving and sharing. Do contact them through their social networks and/or numbers while it is early! And yes,  you’re welcome in advance.

Until our next encounter, 

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A pack of delicious, frozen, and ready-to-cook Gyoza @P255.00

Make that call now: 09175339394

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Kusina ni Moring by: Jinky 

Caramel Cake (lemon chiffon with caramel frosting) @P590.00 per 8 x 10-inch tray. There are also other delectable offerings that you may try so check her page.

Give them a call: 09989527868

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Evil Sister’s Kitchen.ph

An assortment of baked loaves and treats ranging from P130.00 to P400.00. 

Call now 09227990125

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Mc and Cheese

This shop is known for its Blueberry cheesecake, rice bakes, and party trays. Prices range from P130.00 to P1,300.00.

Mcall them:  09369680298

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Bunns x Spices

They bake soft and yummy cheese buns. They just came out with meat buns, too! Prices range from P200.00 to P275.00.

Their goodies are also on Instagram

Call now: 09619356660

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Putahe ng Mama Mo

One upcoming tiny shop, this is made popular by their crunchy chilak (chicharon bulaklak that is ready to eat or ready to cook) plus that homemade vinegar with that oomph! 

Their bestsellers: Chili Garlic sauce and Bagoong.

Price points for their offerings range from P60.00 to P375.00. Try them!

Their messaging features easy and intuitive options. Message now!

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Mumzilla MNL

Try their Gourmet Tuyo and Samgyupsal meat products! These two stay-at-home moms in a joint venture offer products they love to prepare.

They also have plain and marinated meats, filleted salmon and other parts, and boneless smoked Bangus in their arsenal. 

Price points are from P140.00 to P950.00.

Now, let them know you’re interested: 09491678197

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They offer roasted coffee beans, bottled sardines, and fabric bowl covers. Ask about their bundle packs.

Prices range from P150.00 to P450.00++.

Call now: 0916 737 8240

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Louise in the Kitchen

Uber-ly delicious Nacho Dip trays! They also offer crunchy Chili Garlic in Oil and cabbage pork rolls. Direct message them on Instagram.

Prices vary from P70.00- P580.00

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Manutong ng Ichan

Known for their paluto style of menu, their prices range accordingly.

They also have menu offerings you would love.

Get curious, call 09459909186.

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Handmade Confections

Here’s another mom who loves baking, and her Puto Overload is something to crave for (@P140.00 for a box of 12)!

There are other bakes you can try, so check her page. 

Connect now: 09773362197

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SanLu’s Kitchen

Customers keep coming back! They can’t stop asking for more of their Salted Egg flavored potato chips in regular and spicy variants!

Let them know you want to try their exotic offerings via direct message on Facebook or Instagram

The tasty chips are priced @P280.00 per pack.

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Food Creations by Chef Chris Lachenal

We offer an array of heirloom recipe dishes passed down from generations of great home cooks.

Please see our menu on our Facebook page.

Prices range from P300.00 to P2,300.00

Call us now: 09178520606

Hero image: Gift by Kim Stiver 

Photos for each entry above were either provided by the business owners or captured from their social network pages or sites.

Chef Chris Lachenal strives to elevate Filipino cuisine and revive dishes that are slowly losing popularity. A former chef instructor, he emphasized the importance of understanding the process of things in order to grasp refinement in food. As a chef-for-hire he satisfies his clients, always. He is creative, passionate and believes that everything must be done with love. He strongly believes that the smallest detail makes a difference.

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