Derek Ramsay confirms split with Andrea Torres

Derek Ramsay confirms split with Andrea Torres

AFTER days of rumors spurred by the actress un-following him on social media, actor Derek Ramsay finally confirmed what many knew all along: He and Andrea Torres, his girlfriend for more than one year, have indeed parted ways.  

Derek confirmed this on his Instagram account as a reply to a comment made by a netizen. He insisted there was no third party involved.

He maintained the breakup just happened so fast and that they were just not meant to be.

 “Please. respect us na lang,” he pleaded.

“We shared our love to all of you sana naman we can keep this to ourselves.

“Mahal ko si Ada kaya ‘di ako magsasalita pero if I hear lies about her I will defend her.

“Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman.”

Sometime in September 2020, the former couple appeared to be in good terms, and in fact agreed in an interview that they were “ready” to get married. They also have a shared YouTube channel, dubbed “Andrek,” whose most recent episode was released in October.

But there are reports that they have been quarrelling lately when Andrea allegedly discovered Derek chatting with other women.   

As of writing, Andrea has yet to issue a statement about the breakup.

Derek’s past relationships had mostly been long-term. His most recent before Andrea, with model Joanne Villablanca, lasted six years, with Angelica Panganiban, five years and with Solenn Heussaff, more than three years.

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