Saudi king sends donation to PRC for Marawi rehab

Saudi king sends donation to PRC for Marawi rehab

MANILA – King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center donated USD495,865 (PHP23.8 million) to further expand the humanitarian interventions of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to the most vulnerable families in Marawi City.

PRC chairman Senator Richard Gordon, Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Abdulah Al-Bussairy, Supervisor General of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, and other officials from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia virtually attended the signing of the agreement on Nov. 30, 2020.

Dr. Al Rabeeah recalled how Saudi Arabia and the Philippines built their diplomatic ties. The surgeon poignantly remembered that he was the surgeon who operated on Filipino conjoined twins Princess Mae and Anne.

With the help of Gordon, this became the first medicinal feat for the kingdom which led to a stronger bond for the two countries.

“Certainly, an organization such as yours would not function well unless you have the leadership of people like you and I am glad to know that Doctor Abdullah Al Rabeeah, himself participated in an act of supreme humanitarianism by separating the conjoined twins. Not only do I appreciate and admire your skill but certainly your heart is good and in the right place. Certainly, humanitarian works uplift the dignity of the people and alleviate human sufferings,” Gordon said.

In an interview, Gordon said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has helped PRC numerous times.

“The aid that we are going to receive today adds to the already significant amount that the Kingdom of Saudi has given us,” he added.

In the last decade, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has supported 40 projects amounting to more the USD45 million (PHP1.92 billion) and is committed to continue supporting the Philippines in times of need.

Three years after the standoff caused by the armed conflict between Philippine government forces and an alliance of pro-ISIS militants which resulted in the death of over 1,200 individuals, the people in Mindanao have not recovered from the damage brought by the siege.

With the help of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, PRC is ready to assist in the rehabilitation of Marawi City. (PNA)

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