Forego holiday parties, limit exposure to others: Belmonte

Forego holiday parties, limit exposure to others: Belmonte

MANILA – The Quezon City government on Friday discouraged residents from holding parties for the holiday season as mass gatherings remain prohibited amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency, Mayor Joy Belmonte said this is to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) especially now that people are excited to come together for the holidays.

“Parties are prohibited, get together sana is just within the household if possible, no intermingling with households that normally do not go together,” said Belmonte.

She said in case people need to spend some time with their immediate family that does not live in their household, the Department of Health said exposure to one another should be limited.

In particular, Belmonte said that gathering of more than 10 people is highly discouraged.

“Those who are more exposed to the environment, for example, people who work, are advised to stay away from relatives who are senior citizens or who have comorbidities and also if you must have a gathering of more than 10 because we discourage gathering of more than 10, but if you must have them kailangan sana al fresco ang environment, outdoor sana kasi (at least they should be al fresco or outdoors as there is) there is much less risk of transmission in an outdoor setting,” Belmonte said.

Ordinance vs. minors going out

Meanwhile, Belmonte said the city council passed an ordinance prohibiting minors from leaving their homes.

“What the QC council did was to make an ordinance which will now add more teeth to the guidance of the IATF which was adopted by the city to ensure that these are really followed especially now during the holiday season when we are already observing an upbeat not only in QC but all over, in the number of positive cases,” she said.

Belmonte said parents of the minors as well as the establishments that will allow entry of minors will be penalized, even if the minors are with their parents or guardians.

She said that even the Philippine Pediatrics Society discourage minors from leaving their homes even with an adult.

In the city, age groups that are allowed to go out are those between 18 to 65 years old.

Belmonte clarified that this is a collective decision of all the Metro Manila mayors and is not imposed only in QC.

Aside from being updated with all the guidelines being implemented, Belmonte reminds QC residents that those who are prohibited from going out of their homes may only do so in cases of emergencies. (PNA)

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