Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola finally reveal they are engaged

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola finally reveal they are engaged

By Evelyn Diao

MANILA—FEW days ago, we came out with an article on Jessy Mendiola’s post in her Instagram account where she displayed a huge diamond ring on her finger as if she was hinting an engagement. There was no confirmation on her post.

Now, it is out and Jessy and boyfriend TV host Luis Manzano have finally revealed that indeed, they are engaged. This is the latest milestone in their four-year relationship that like other couples, has survived ups and downs, highs and lows, tears and laughter brought by intrigues and even public scrutiny.  

The comments sections of their respective Instagram accounts were flooded with messages of congratulations and best wishes from friends and fans after they separately posted their engagement on their IGs.

But what caught the attention of the fans was the huge diamond engagement ring Jessy was wearing. It was learned that Luis had the said ring already done since last year.

The source even noted that the ring was designed by Manila Diamond Studio, specifically has 3 to 4 carats in size, the white gold band of the ring is 18 karats with side diamonds.

According to Diamond Color chart of, the level D color diamond is very rare and very expensive.

This could be the most expensive engagement ring among the celebrity marriage proposals.

The source also said that Luis made the marriage proposal to Jessy since last October.

Their photos, which came out in the social media where Luis and Jessy are in Amanpulo are not the marriage proposal but they are already pre-nup shoots done last December 4 and 5. The couple arrived at Amanpulo on December 3 in time for Jessy’s birthday celebration.

Why did they keep the engagement a secret

In an interview with their home network after the announcement, the couple revealed that the proposal happened in the first week of October, unplanned. They claim it was “totally unexpected” and both were just shy to share the details. They said they are preparing a vlog of the whole journey to describe how it all happened, for their fans and followers.

They kept the secret for more than two months and Luis revealed that they even contemplated not sharing the news at all and had planned to keep it to themselves. But then again, they realized that they just had to share the great news to their friends, extended families in showbiz, fans and all.

“Everyone is congratulating us, kahit ‘yung mga hindi namin kilala, naiiyak sila kasi nakita nila ang journey ng relationship namin ever since from the beginning. Pero alam mo nakakatuwa din na naitago namin for a long time, parang we had this small bubble na meron tayong secret,” Jessy said.

 “Ang sarap din kasi na it was between us lang, pero ang sarap din na the whole world is happy for us, so it’s a mix of feelings,” Luis said.

Jessy said that the proposal was an enchanting moment that she will remember forever. There’s even a bigger story about the engagement ring, but they intend to share more details about it on their upcoming vlog.

She even joked that it’s her “dream ring,” and she has been telling Luis about it —the design, the size and even how it would fit in her ring finger.

But according to the actress, it was that “down on his knees” moment that totally swept her off her feet.

“The moment na luluhod na siya tapos titignan ka na niya sa mata, tapos sasabihin niya ‘yung mga bagay na pinapangako niya sa ‘yo and when he finally asks you that question na, ‘Will you marry me?’ Hindi ka na makakasalita, I was so shocked. Finally ‘pag nasuot mo na ‘yung ring eto na pala ‘yun, he’s really the one na,” she said.

She added: “Lahat ng pinagdaanan namin both smiles and cries, led to this moment!”

Throughout their relationship, Luis and Jessy have succeeded in overcoming controversies and intrigues, particularly with Luis’ previous romance.

In all those issues, Luis has always been in the defense of Jessy, who also admitted that she had her own way of beating depression caused by online bullying she had endured early on.

Admittedly, there were a lot of pressure to settle down coming from their familes, friends and fans, to which Jessy   jokingly quipped: “Matanda na siya (Luis, ) at marrying age na.”

But Luis waited for the right time, Mendiola said.

“He respected my timeline also, when we got together kasi, hindi ko naman sinasabi na matanda na siya, (laughs) medyo malaki ‘yung age gap namin, pero we work well kasi, kaya sinasabi ng ibang tao na marrying age na siya,” she added.

Luis has been vocal of his intention to marry Jessy and that he has always been ready, but he noted that the actress, who is 11 years younger, was still new in her career and he wanted her to fulfil her dreams as an actress and to achieve more as a single woman.

But the most important question is —when is the wedding?

A comedian by nature, Luis joked: “Pagkatapos ng interview na ‘to, si father nandiyan na, ready na ang lahat, ‘yung mga kaibigan namin…”

“We are looking at next year, mid next year. Andami naming mga kaibigan na nagkaroon ng long engagement, some of our friends are telling us na best advice that we could give you is wag na kayo mag long engagement, if you can plan it shorter, do it,” Jessy replied.

One of their concerns is the safety of their parents. Like any other couple, they want their parents to be present in that once-in-a-lifetime moment of exchanging “I do’s” they have long waited for.

They are both hoping that the pandemic threat to their health would whiff away by the time they get married. Details are still under wraps but from the initial information  —it’s going to be a destination wedding.

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