LTO classifies three-wheeled cycles and quadricycles as vehicles

LTO classifies three-wheeled cycles and quadricycles as vehicles

By Glen S. Ramos

TARLAC CITY — After three years of deliberation, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has finally recognized three-wheeler and quadricycle transportation and classified it into separate vehicle categories.

The roadworthiness of the three-wheeled motorcycle has been debated over the years although it is much safer to ride than the single two-wheeled motorcycle which has been involved in numerous road accidents.

But recently, the LTO directed all officials and employees of the agency to implement the classification, registration and operation according to three categories — L5 for symmetrically arranged three-wheeled vehicle (2 front wheels, 1 rear; 1 front wheel, 2 rear) or TWG, L6 for light quadricycle and L7 for heavy quadricycle under Memorandum Order Number 2020-2227, dated November 20, 2020.

For owners of these three and four-wheeler vehicles, they will receive their new classification starting this month.

But given this new category in the registration of the vehicles, they still are not allowed to ply on all our roads.

Galvante said that these types of vehicles are only allowed on the national highway if there are no alternative route designated by the local government units (LGUs). “They shall use most the outer lane or the rightmost portion of the road.”

“In addition, with respect to the powers of the LGUs in relation to traffic management, they may prohibit or allow the operation of these vehicles along roads within their jurisdiction,” he emphasized.

“This is also for their safety and security.”

The LTO memorandum was welcomed by the Trimotors Technology Corporation, the local manufacturer and importer of the Bajaj three-wheelers who lobbied for the categorization of the vehicles.

The directive also provided a three-year registration validity upon purchase of a three or four-wheeled vehicle. A yearly renewal will be required after.

With this development, these vehicles will be flooding our roads in addition to the numerous tricycles and motorcycles that causes major traffic. Too many vehicles…and a few roads to use. (AI/FC/MTVN)

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