Dream of first-world airport lives on; Megawide-GMR to immediately file MR on its OPS

Dream of first-world airport lives on; Megawide-GMR to immediately file MR on its OPS

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Earlier today Megawide Construction Corp. states, “Our vision for NAIA remains true, even with the news we received tonight. Ours is a country full of wonder and beauty, and we envision our national gateway in the same regard: an airport that embodies the dignity and majesty of the Philippines and its people.”

Entities with vested interests, sick with crab mentality, and corruption are just some of the cries ringing in social media at the latest roadblock Megawide is facing on their dream to make the Philippines a first world country starting with a first-world airport.

Our country and us, Filipinos, received a devastating blow as the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) announced today the revocation of the Megawide and GMR Infrastructure Ltd Original partnership’s original proponent status (OPS) regarding its P109 billion bid to rehabilitate and transform the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Despite the setback, Megawide announced they will immediately file a motion for reconsideration.

For two years, several of the Philippines’ largest conglomerates were in negotiation for the NAIA rehabilitation. When the deal fell through five months ago, Megawide was asked by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to consider resubmitting a proposal for the rehabilitation of the aging NAIA.

Megawide has been operating the highly successful and globally recognized Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) for the last six years and recently, this September 2020, they delivered the Clark International Airport to the DOTr, “a month ahead of schedule and under budget,” expressed Megawide’s president, chief executive officer, and chairman Edgar Saavedra in previous interviews with media. No company can claim this same record of excellence in airport design, engineering, construction, and delivery.

A Megawide insider in an Inquirer article released today claims the revocation of the original proponent status may have been triggered by sectors that stand to lose with the airport’s modernization.

“The public and government need to ask what kind of party would stand to benefit from NAIA not being transformed into a transparently-run, first-world airport? Isn’t it time to break this legacy of corruption and backwardness?” the same insider asks.

Megawide, despite complying with all the government’s requirements, which were even more stringent than those imposed on the “super consortium.” MIAA lacking any specific reason revoked their earlier issued OPS.

According to the said insider, people who would deny the rehabilitation of NAIA — the primary gateway to the Philippines and used by Filipinos and foreigners alike — have very questionable motives especially when the infrastructure project could be a big boost to the ailing economy.

“The public needs to understand that they have just been denied another step towards our economic recovery, everyone knows that the way forward is to climb back and out of the economic crisis can only be possible through significant infrastructure investment,” the Megawide insider said.

“And this is a P109 billion project entirely funded by the private sector; not a single centavo will come from government or the Filipino citizen. Yet some party wanted to kill this project. You’ve got to wonder why,” he added.

Below is the complete official statement from Megawide on account of the revocation of its OPS.

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