House to have its own COVID-19 vaccination, media included

House to have its own COVID-19 vaccination, media included

By Romer R. Butuyan

MANILA — The House of Representatives has set aside around P50 million fund to be used in buying COVID-19 vaccines which will be inoculated to all its employees and at least five of their immediate family members respectively.

This was announced by Speaker Lord Allan Velasco as he also revealed that members of media covering the Lower house will be included in their free vaccination project.

“For the normalcy of business in Congress, we’ve decided to set aside a certain amount for the vaccines, for purchasing of vaccines for our employees. Five of their immediate family members will be included, mainly because we want the legislative mill to be grinding,” Velasco said.

“We also thought that our media friends are also considered as our family. So we’ll include our media friends in the vaccines,” he added.

There are around 2,000 House employees and their immediate families who will be given free of the much awaited preventive medicine, either AstraZeneca from the UK or Sinovac from China that are both expected to be available in first quarter of 2021.

But Velasco said that congressmen will not receive the vaccine until the employees and media workers are inoculated.

“The members of the House (will) not yet be included. We’ll start to get the vaccines first for the employees and the media and their families,” the House leader explained. (FC/MTVN)

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