DILG says gatherings should not exceed 10 people but…

DILG says gatherings should not exceed 10 people but…

DILG Secretary Eduardo Ano

By Fitzgerald Cecilio

Maharlika TV News Group Asst News/Sports Editor

MANILA — Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano announced on Thursday that gatherings during the entire holiday season should not exceed 10 people.

“In a restaurant or house, no problem. It’s really the number. If you are more than 10, that’s a mass gathering and you’ll be disrupted,” he told reporters in Filipino.

The DILG chief said authorities will disrupt any gathering with more than 10 attendees as it is considered a mass gathering.

“Authorities will simply warn violators and arrest those who resist,” said Ano as he encourged the public to hold virtual Christmas parties instead of physical gatherings.

If gatherings cannot be avoided, Ano urged Filipinos to observe the number set by authorities and observe health protocols so as to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Sinas allays fears of public

Meanwhile, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Debold Sinas allayed fears of citizens, saying that the police won’t break into homes to interrupt celebration.

“If you hold a solemn celebration, eat together and observe social distancing in your home, then we will not disturb you,” he said in a television interview.

The PNP chief added that they would exempt families from the 10-person rule as long as they celebrate in a large venue and exercise health protocols.

But Sinas said holding parties with a large crowd in public places is a big no-no. (FC/MTVN)

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