Release of Covid-19 medical info not within PRC’s purview

Release of Covid-19 medical info not within PRC’s purview

MANILA – The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) on Thursday said releasing medical information and safety protocol matters regarding the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is not under its purview.

PRC chairman and chief executive officer Senator Richard Gordon said only the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Covid-19 have the authority to release information regarding Covid-19 medical and safety protocol matters.

Gordon noted that the PRC is a humanitarian organization whose primary task during the pandemic has been to provide testing services, support communities and persons who have been affected by Covid-19, and frontline healthcare workers.

“It is not in our purview to release medical or scientific information about the virus or about restrictions on the activities and movement of our people,” Gordon said.

Gordon made the statement after information allegedly coming from the PRC regarding Covid-19 medical and safety protocol matters has circulated.

Gordon also came into the defense of PRC governor John Tiong, who has corrected his earlier statements on the matter and has apologized for any misunderstanding that may have arisen.

“I am sure he meant no malice and only wanted to make certain that everyone stays safe during the holiday season,” he said.

Gordon stressed the need for the responsible use of communications and social media platforms.

He reiterated that only him, the Secretary General, and other duly designated persons with clearance are authorized to issue official statements on behalf of the PRC.

“Let us all remain vigilant in protecting ourselves and our families by keeping good health practices and complying with all safety protocols issued by the government,” he said. (PNA)

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