Over 75M people diagnosed with Covid-19 worldwide: JHU

Over 75M people diagnosed with Covid-19 worldwide: JHU

MOSCOW – Over 75 million people have been diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) worldwide, the US-based Johns Hopkins University (JHU) informed on Friday.

According to the JHU, a total of 75,084,964 Covid-19 cases have been documented in the world.

Meanwhile, some 1,665,008 people have died and 42,464,023 have recovered.

The US ranks first on Covid-19 cases (17,214,177) and 310,792 coronavirus-related deaths. India documents 9,979,447 Covid-19 cases, 144,789 deaths and 9,520,827 recoveries. Brazil comes in third with 7,110,434 Covid-19 cases, 184,827 deaths and 6,301,023 recovered patients.

Russia ranks fourth in the world on the amount of recorded Covid-19 cases. According to the federal anti-coronavirus crisis center, Russia has documented 2,791,220 cases of Covid-19, 2,228,633 patients have recovered and 49,762 have died. (TASS)

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