Valenzuela’s annual food fest goes digital

Valenzuela’s annual food fest goes digital

MANILA – The city government of Valenzuela turned to digital platforms for the holding of its annual Valenzuela Food Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic doesn’t allow us to do convergence or any type of event, pero, napapabilis yung digital migration natin (our digital migration is hastening)—going online. This is the first year that we will not be doing a food fiesta, but, ang gagawin nating (our) food fiesta this year ay (will be) digital edition,” Mayor Rex Gatchalian said in a social media post on Wednesday.

Gatchalian said the city government created a digital directory to promote the city’s homegrown businesses.

“Digital—delivered straight to your homes safely, and hindi kailangan mag-convergence (there’s no need for convergence)” he added.

Residents can visit the digital directory via the link

The directory is currently integrated with the city’s online food fiesta platform.

The city government said consumers can choose from wide categories such as pizza and pasta, specialty foods, street foods, grilled foods, rice meals, burgers, milk tea, Asian foods, desserts, and bread and pastries, which are now available online.

Upon clicking the cart of choice, consumers will immediately be redirected to the Facebook page of the food seller.

‘Pamaskong handog’

Meanwhile, the city government continues to distribute its Pamaskong Handog para kay Lolo at Lola 2020, the provision of food packages for the senior citizens in the city.

According to the city government, about 56,249 senior citizens have already received gift packs, which contain rice, spaghetti pack, and canned goods.

The city government also provided Pamaskong Handog para sa Business Community bundle packages to entrepreneurs through its Paspas Permit system.

The holiday bundle includes the integration of the zoning processing, issuance of provisional sanitary permits, application of health certificates, and expanded payment options all available online through the website link:

The city government has restricted Christmas lighting ceremonies, big concerts, and plays as well as grand celebrations, as part of its efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Ayaw namin na ngayong kapaskuhan kami pa ang maging sanhi ng convergence. Minabuti namin dito sa Valenzuela na wala munang public display ng decorations (We don’t want this Christmas holiday to become a reason for public convergence. That’s why we chose not to display public decorations). We want to be prudent in our spending and we also want to do away with convergence,” Gatchalian said.

Gatchalian said Covid-19 is still a threat to the community.

“Ang tunay na diwa ng Pasko ay hindi matatagpuan sa malaking Christmas tree sa People’s Park namin, kundi matatagpuan ito sa pamilya, sa loob ng tahanan, kung saan magkakasama ang pamilyang Valenzuelano kung saan safe sila (The essence of Christmas will not be found in our People’s Park huge Christmas tree, instead it can be found within the household, inside your home, where Valenzuelano families get together and are safe from Covid-19),” he said.

However, the city government has set up Christmas lanterns along MacArthur Highway to showcase a symbol of hope for residents.

“Since we cannot do Christmas Trees in our parks dahil ayaw natin ng convergence (because we don’t want public convergence, we lit our streets that way [with lanterns], pasko pero no convergence (for Christmas but convergence are still prohibited),” Gatchalian said.

Gatchalian reminded residents anew to stay vigilant and observe the minimum health standards during holidays.

Huwag natin sasayangin yung mga hirap, lahat tayo nagsakripisyo nitong community quarantine. Huwag natin hayaan na mapawi ang ating mga tagumpay dahil lang sa kagustuhan natin na mag-celebrate ng panandalian (Let’s not waste our efforts, we are sacrificing with the community quarantine in place. Let’s not waste this just because of our need to celebrate for a while)” he said. (PNA)

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