Amid pandemic, former Mr. Gay World Wilbert Tolentino goes online for his philanthropic works

Amid pandemic, former Mr. Gay World Wilbert Tolentino goes online for his philanthropic works

MANILA—Former Mr. Gay World titlist, businessman and online philanthropist Wilbert Tolentino has another ace up his sleeves, as a vlogger who is now making his presence felt in the digital world.

In just two months,  Wilbert Tolentino VLOGD has already reached 283,000 subscribers and counting. “I am indeed thankful for this achievement,” Tolentino declares.

I’am just a newbie in this entertainment streaming, but knowing that I can bring smile and good time to my subscribers, it makes me feel great,” says the newly- minted vlogger.

“I turned into vlogging because I want to spread joy and honest-to-goodness entertainment to people who are cocooned in their houses. All of us have faced anxiety and depression in this time of the pandemic.

“Having survived critical COVID pneumonia, this vlog, aside from the fun and cheer it brings, it is my way of offering assistance, reaching out to our fellow Pinoys who have faced all sort of calamities, and of course, all those who are in the sectors greatly affected by the current pandemic.”

Sir Wil continues his vlogger experience sharing: “As a co-owner of three entertainment bars (Apollo, Club 690, Farenheit), creativity and content are the best ingredients you must input to pique the interest and arouse the curiosity of your viewers who eventually become subscribers.

“Since the start of my vlog, I make it a point to read the good comments, even the nastier ones. Each comment has something to say, and you unearth gems of ideas from them. These ideas inspire me to come out with exciting and relevant content. And I believe that with the impressive numbers that we have reached in a short period of time, I am giving our growing audiences happiness and good vibes. I am overwhelmed and grateful for all their love and support.”

He says that there is a bigger advocacy here, and he wants to bring people together, to collaborate, to work in harmony, and offer all innovative forms of entertainment. In the nearest future, Tolentino says that part of his  dream is to realize a convention wherein the participants are the popular and positive influencers in the different social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Lyka, Facebook.

According to him, this coming together convention of the digital universe’s crème dela crème will surely be a big step in assessing our strengths, where have we gone so far, what else do we want to achieve in the realm of social media and how can we become more responsible in using this medium in bringing concrete changes that will have beneficial effects to all.  

When all is well, Tolentino reveals his major plan: “Next year, The Philippines Influencer Awards 2021 is already in the pipeline. This is for all the press, media and vloggers.”

Currently, some of Tolentino’s noteworthy endeavors are a music video billed as “Kafreshness ng Pasko” and his collaborations with the Beks Battalion (Chad Kinis, Richardson de la Cruz, Reginald Lassy Marquez, Mc Muah Calaquian), DoLaiNab (Donnalyn Bartolome, Jelai Andres at Zeinab Harake), Sachzna Laparan, Sanya Lopez, JaMill (Jaysam Manabat, Camille Trinidad).

“Despite the struggles and challenges that we are facing because of this global health issues, we Filipinos will rise from this. We are not alone. We have each other. Let us not permit anxiety and sadness get the better of us. My vlogs are my modest manner of spreading positivity and gratitude to the many blessing that we all receive,” he concludes.

His holiday invitation: “To all my subscribers, see you on December 24, 2020, 7p.m. There will be Noche Bola Raffle Bonanza,” ends Mister Generous Wilbert Tolentino.

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