2020 car sales down 39.5%

2020 car sales down 39.5%

MANILA – Sales of local vehicle assemblers declined by 39.5 percent for the full year of 2020, the joint report of Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) showed.

Vehicle sales of CAMPI and TMA last year dropped to 223,793 units from 369,941 units in 2019.

The volume of passenger cars sold in 2020 decreased by 36.2 percent to 69,638 units from 109,197 units sold in 2019. This segment comprised 32 percent of vehicle sales in the previous year.

Commercial vehicles, comprising 68 percent of the total sales in 2020, recorded a larger decline in sales.

This segment sold 154,155 units in 2020, down by 40.9 percent from 2019’s sales volume of 260,744 units.

All sub-segments of commercial vehicles also recorded double-digit decrements.

Light commercial vehicle sales dropped by 43.2 percent to 116,858 units in 2020 from 205,805 units in the past 12 months.

Asian utility vehicles sold 29,085 units last year, 28.8 lower than the 40,838 units sold in 2019.

Sales of light trucks likewise declined by 43.5 percent to 4,469 units from 7,915 units.

Trucks and buses category four decreased its sales by 40.8 percent to 2,831 units from 4,779 units sold a year ago, while category five also dropped by 35.2 percent to 912 units from 1, 407 units in 2019.

The industry association has yet to give its targets for this year.

For December 2020 sales alone, month-on-month sales increased by 19.1 percent to 27,596 units from 23,162 units sold in November of the same year.

Commercial vehicle sales went up by 22.4 percent while passenger cars increased by 12.7 percent.

“It is noteworthy that the holiday season has contributed to the uptick in demand for auto sales in December amid the improving business and consumer confidence,” CAMPI president Rommel Gutierrez said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Philippine market leaders in 2020 were Toyota, with 43.79 percent share of the market; Mitsubishi, with 18.32 percent market share; Nissan, with 11.54 percent market share; Suzuki, with 6.47 percent market share; and Ford, with 5.92 percent market share. (PNA)

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