Baccay ‘completely’ installed as Tuguegarao archdiocese head

Baccay ‘completely’ installed as Tuguegarao archdiocese head

MANILA – Tuguegarao Archbishop Ricardo Baccay on Thursday received his sacred pallium, which marks the completion of his installation as the head of the archdiocese.

In a report published on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) news website, it said Baccay received the pallium exactly a year after formally assuming the post.

Nueva Segovia Archbishop Marlo Peralta conferred the pallium to Baccay at a liturgy at the Tuguegarao Cathedral in Cagayan.

In his homily, Peralta said the vestment implies that an archbishop has to be united with the pope in governing the Church “that Christ’s intended to be imbued with Christ’s mercy and compassion”.

“You are to promote the common good. Fairness and justice should be part of the overall picture in the pastoral governance of your metropolitan archdiocese,” Peralta said. “While we need to be kind and merciful, we also need to practice fairness because this is the only way that we can promote the common good.”

The pallium, a woolen band that symbolizes unity with the Pope and responsibility to care for the flock, was blessed by Pope Francis on the feasts of Saints Peter and Paul last June 29 in Rome.

Baccay was not able to travel to Rome for the papal blessing of the pallium due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. It was entrusted to Peralta for conferral.

While Pope Francis continues to bless palliums and give them to new archbishops as his predecessors did, he decided in 2015 that each archbishop receives it in his archdiocese, in front of the faithful and other bishops.

Pope Francis appointed Baccay as archbishop of Tuguegarao on October 19, 2019.

He was installed to the post on January 14, 2020. (PNA)

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