Jomari Yllana’s ex-partner accuses actor of abandoning their two kids

Jomari Yllana’s ex-partner accuses actor of abandoning their two kids

MANILA—Jomari Yllana is being accused of abandoning his two children, aged one and two years old by his former live-in partner Joy Reyes.

On her Instagram post on January 15, Friday, she stated the problems she and her children are facing at the moment.

Joy said that their electricity service has been disconnected due to unpaid bills amounting to PHP100,238.38 and the due date was December 9, 2020. She even posted the picture of the Meralco bill with her two children who were both sleeping in a quite dark atmosphere.

In her caption, she took a swipe about the negligence of a father to his children.

 “But the terrible part of this gross, gross negligence is a father’s lack of apathy towards his own children. That is totally sickening!”

She even said that all her communications to Jomari have been blocked so she requested to relay her message to Jomari regarding their plight.

“Since he blocked all means of communication, to those who know this guy, kindly inform this ‘Honorable’ councilor of District 1 Paranaque Jomari Yllana that his children are sweating in the dark & this is making it worse for Fangio who’s been having fever for a few days now.

“So many other issues of abuse that I’m trying so hard not to mind for the time being but directly harming the babies this way can’t be tolerated.”

Joy also accused Jomari of his selfishness and failure to fulfil his obligations for his children.

“No matter what you do, because of your selfish choices in life, you will never be the one who will be by their side every single minute of every single day to come to their aid when they need it.

“So the least you can do is to stop causing further trouble to the only parent doing it all!”

Solve the problem you created

Joy followed it up with a screenshot of a conversation between Jomari and a “concerned citizen” who relayed the situation of Joy and his children.

Based on Jomari’s answers, he doesn’t believe in Joy’s problems for how could Joy say their electric service  was disconnected when she could post on social media, and took photos using her cellphone.  

“May charge ang cellphone at may internet. Oh, di ba, naputulan ng kuryente pero nakakapag-post at merong internet. Sana ol [with laughing face with tears emoji].”

Joy could hardly believe Jomari’s reaction and she said she was lost for words. She is requesting somebody to explain to Jomari how gadgets work independent of electric supply in your house.

She said that Jomari’s answers is a “pathetic attempt to again discredit the truth.”

She slammed the actor for the way he answered a netizen who was just concerned about her and her children.

“Oh boy! For your own sake, Just focus on solving the problem you created in the first place.”

With her post is a video clip wherein it shows a dark room and the voice of a crying child.

It was in November 2018 when Joy declared that Jomari has abandoned their children for another woman, which was revealed eventually as Priscilla Almeda.

In an exclusive interview with Jomari in December 2019 with an entertainment portal PEP,  the 1st district councilor of Paranaque denied abandoning his two children.  Jomari at that time said that he and Joy “separated” in November 2018.

According to the actor, “I filed a complaint last November [2018] at the lower court of Barangay BF Homes in the City of Parañaque in District 2.”

They had a settlement, particularly Jomari’s regular financial support for his two children.

He also mentioned that in that “settlement” Joy will not talk about anything against him. He confirmed then his relationship with his “first love” Priscilla.

Meanwhile, he was messaged thru his Instagram account for his comment on the issue but it is set on a private mode. (Evelyn Diao)

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