Norweigian Residents dies after receiving Pfizer Biotech vaccine

Norweigian Residents dies after receiving Pfizer Biotech vaccine

By Glen S. Ramos

NORWAY — Medical experts of the government of Norway on Frdiay, January 15, 2021 disclosed that they are now investigating the deaths of twenty (23) patients shortly after receiving the Pfizer BioTech vaccine against COVID19.

According to Dr. Steiner Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NOMA), the incident may be a coincidence and there is no certain connection between the deaths and the vaccine.

“There is a possibility that these are common adverse reactions and pose no danger in fitter, younger patients but may aggravate underlying disease in the elderly,” Madsen stated

“We are not alarmed or worried about this, because these are very rare occurrences and they occurred in very frail patients with a very serious disease,” he emphasized.

“We are now asking for doctors to continue with the vaccination, but to carry out an extra evaluation of very sick people whose underlying condition might be aggravated by it.”

He added that the evaluation includes discussing the risks and benefits of vaccination with the patient and their families to decide whether or not vaccination is the best course.

The agency has already investigated 13 of the deaths so far and concluded that common adverse reactions of mRNA vaccines, such as fever, nausea, and diarrhea, may have contributed to fatal outcomes in some of the frail patients.

More than 20,000 doses of the vaccine have been administered over the past few weeks in Norway and around 400 deaths normally occur among care-home residents, every week.

In a statement issued by Pfizer on January 16, 2021, they (Pfizer and BioNTech ) are aware of the reported deaths following the administration of BNT162b2.

“We are closely working with NOMA to gather all the relevant information,” it said.
Elderly residents in nursing homes, most of whom have underlying medical conditions and some of are terminally ill have been given priority by the Norwegian government to be immunized.

NOMA confirm the number of incidents so far is not alarming, and in line with expectations.

NOMA also assured that all reported deaths will be thoroughly evaluated to determine if these incidents are related to the vaccine.

The Norwegian government will also consider adjusting their vaccination instructions to take the patients’ health into more consideration.

“Our immediate thoughts are with the bereaved families,” NOMA concluded. (AI/MTVN)

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