DND-UP agreement of 1989 ended

DND-UP agreement of 1989 ended

DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

By Arwen Pascua

MANILA — After 32 years,  the agreement between University of the Philippines and the Armed Forces of the Philippines ended. 

“The agreement has become obsolete. The times and circumstances have changed since the agreement was signed in 1989, eight years after the martial law ended.  The agreement was a gesture of courtesy accorded to UP upon the University’s request,” Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenza said. 

However, during  the life of the agreement the University of the Philippines has become the breeding ground of intransigent individuals and groups whose extremist beliefs have inveigled  students to join their ranks to fight against the government. 

The country’s premier state university has become a safe haven for enemies of the state.

“The Department of National Defense will neither renege nor shirk on its duty to protect the rights of the majority.  It will not tolerate those who will violate the laws of the land in the guise of lawful public dissent, free assembly and free speech. It is our sworn duty to protect the Filipino people,” Lorenzana said in a prepared statement.

“I am appealing to the UP Community –  let us work together to protect our students from extremism and destructive armed struggle. The Department of National Defense only wants what is best for our youth. Let us join hands to protect and nurture our young people to become better citizens of our great nation.” (AI/MTVN)

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