Jomari Yllana reveals ex-gf Joy Reyes invited 3 male celebs to her house, then locked up in one room

Jomari Yllana reveals ex-gf Joy Reyes invited 3 male celebs to her house, then locked up in one room

MANILA— As of this writing, the power services in the house of Jomari Yllana’s ex-partner Joy Reyes may have already been restored.

According to the report of an entertainment portal in an interview with Jomari recently, he has an agreement with Meralco to pay the electricity bill of his former partner, which amounted to P100,000 plus on staggered payment.

It was on January 15 when Joy posted on social media that Jomari is abandoning his responsibilities to his two children.

Along with the post is a picture of the unpaid Meralco bill and a video of the two toddlers sleeping together in a dark room.

Joy said she posted her situation on social media because she has no way to communicate with Jomari as it appears that their link to each other has been cut.

Joy accused Jomari of abandoning his responsibilities as a father to their children.

In an exclusive interview with PEP recently, the Paranaque first district councillor said that he could not believe the huge amount of Joy’s electric bill.

He even joked: “And kung bakit ako hindi naniniwala na naputulan ng kuryente sa ganun kalaking halaga, baka naman nagpapa-jumper na siya o nagpapa-spider na siya sa mga kapitbahay niya?

“Baka sinisingil na niya ng kuryente yung mga kapitbahay namin?

“At pinagkakakitaan niya? Tulad nung pinapadala kong vitamins at gatas sa mga anak ko.”

In his earlier statement, Jomari mentioned that Joy is selling the milk and the vitamins online when he is sending them for his children. He said he has the proof of purchase he is keeping as evidence.

The actor-politician also stated that he will take “legal action” if Joy doesn’t stop ranting on social media.

“You know, all of this has to stop. And I will take legal action and I will try to get the kids.

“All necessary legal actions because that house is no longer a healthy environment for my children.

Jomari explained why that the house which he pays up to now is no longer a “healthy environment” for his children.

He stated that his children’s nannies are reporting to him everything that happens in the house. Since he is also the one paying for their salaries, their loyalty is to him.

He said, “Ang mga yaya ko, ang mga yaya nung babies, I pay for them, so their loyalty sa akin.

“And what they are saying, everything that happens in that house, nire-report nila sa akin.”

He learned that Joy invites men to the house and they would lock themselves in the room. And this includes three male celebrities.

Jomari emphatically said, “Now, tamaan na yung dapat tamaan, masaktan na yung dapat masaktan, pero I have to ano, also… I have to be open na ang style niya is, mag-i-invite siya ng mga tao sa bahay, magkukulong sila dun sa kuwarto.

“And ang kuwento sa akin nung mga yaya ay magkukulong siya dun sa kuwarto kasama yung mga iniimbita niyang lalaki.

 “And nire-report sa akin ‘yan, masakit. And this I have to take to court.

“Ang sa akin lang, magalit na yung gustong magalit dapat, e, ako, nagsasabi lang naman ako ng totoo.”

He further revealed, “There are celebrity figures that visit that house.”

He said his nannies have sworn statements ang photos that will prove this.

“Sworn statement nila kung ano ang nangyayari dun and everything that happens in that house. They report to me through a narration and their signature. May picture pa.”

Jomari mentioned the names of the three celebrities—a former matinee idol, a versatile actor, a contemporary in showbiz who also visited the house he bought for his ex-partner and for his children.

He added, “And there is a barangay captain also who goes there and stays there.”

Jomari suspects that this could be the reason why the electric bill in that house ballooned into such a big amount.

He even said, “So, kung nagla-lock ‘yan ng kuwarto, palalabasin ‘yung mga anak ko at magkukulong sa kuwarto, e, kaya naman pala ganyan kamahal ang bill ko, e.

“Ginawa palang motel yung bahay ng mga anak ko.”

When asked what could they be doing in the room, Jomari smiled and said, “Puwede siguro nating panoorin yung CCTV! I’ll have to ask my yayas kung naka-on yung CCTV.”

What could be Joy’s answer to Jomari’s allegations? Let’s wait as this word war progresses. Could there be a court battle on the custody of their children? There could be. (ECD/MTV)

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