Budget Meal

Budget Meal

The F Word: Food By Chef Chris Lachenal

Are you updated with what’s going on with our food situation? For the next weekend issues, I will be focusing on this, the food situation, and will come up with a menu for a meal good for a family of four with a budget of ₱50.00 per head which makes that ₱200.00 a meal. Obviously,  this is impossible for a family of four with only one member working and earning the minimum daily wage of ₱537.00. 

I have always believed that even stay-home wives or partners should find ways to earn. This pandemic has businessmen out of us all.

With the help of social media you can do a lot with a set of equipment you have. A burner,  refrigerator/freezer, oven, etc. If you’re not a good cook, there are hobbies or crafts you can specialize in to generate income. 

That’s how we did it. You don’t need to have a restaurant menu. One very good, if not excellent, dish can do it. This is where heirloom recipes play a key role. It is the star dish that everyone demands in a household party, Sunday, or holiday treat.

Kutchinta, a native Filipino dish

Kutchinta topped with fresh coconut shreds

I have a cook friend who was asked to take a break in the middle of last year during the pandemic. Their savings were drying out fast. He made puto and kutsinta. Other members of the family joined in until it became a family activity. That got them through the dry spell. Now that he’s back working, his wife and kids still continue making and selling the delicacies. which helps reduce household expenses.  

Today I will be sharing my Barbeque Sauce/Marinade recipe. You can bottle and sell it as a dipping sauce or a marinade. Give this Barbeque Sauce/Marinade a try and enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Download the recipe!

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Barbecue Sauce/Marinade

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 5 minutes


2      c            Wash Sugar

1      c            Soy sauce

1       tbsp     Salt

1/4   c           Garlic 

1       tbsp     Peppercorn 

1/2   c          Tomato sauce

3        tbsp    Vinegar

1        tbsp    Roasted peanuts


Combine all ingredients in a blender. 

Blend until smooth.

As a Marinade: 

Marinate 1 kilo of meat

As a Dipping Sauce: 

Cook over low heat until it boils. 

Let cool.

Best for pan seared or fried protein 

Next Saturday we start with our BUDGET MEAL Saturday’s issue. Recipes will be shared too.

Chef signed

Featured image: Grilled Barbecue

Chef Chris Lachenal strives to elevate Filipino cuisine and revive dishes that are slowly losing popularity. A former chef instructor, he emphasized the importance of understanding the process of things in order to grasp refinement in food. As a chef-for-hire he satisfies his clients, always. He is the creative and passionate soul behind FoodCreations by CCL.

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