DOH reports 537 new recoveries from Covid-19

DOH reports 537 new recoveries from Covid-19

MANILA – The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday reported 537 new recoveries from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), bringing the country’s total recoveries now at 512,789 or 92.1 percent of all Covid-19 cases.

In its daily Covid-19 bulletin, the DOH reported 1,901 new infections, with active cases now at 32,440 or 5.8 percent of the total reported cases in the country.

Of the active cases, the majority at 86 percent are showing mild symptoms, followed by those with no symptoms at 8.5 percent, those in critical condition at 2.4 percent, those with severe symptoms at 2.4 percent, and those with moderate symptoms at 0.72 percent.

Of the 27,335 tests administered and reported on Thursday, it said 1,605 or 5.9 percent returned positive with Covid-19.

Meanwhile, 157 new deaths caused by the disease were reported, with the country’s total casualties against Covid-19 now at 11,829 or 2.12 percent of the country’s 557,058 total infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Many facilities and resources remain available for those infected with Covid-19, with the country’s 1,900 beds at intensive care units (ICU) at 65 percent availability, 13,500 isolation beds at 67 percent availability, 6,000 ward beds at 78 percent availability, and 2,000 ventilators at 80 percent availability. (PNA)

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