Staycation feels!

Staycation feels!

The F Word: Food By Chef Chris Lachenal

THE CHINESE New Year celebration is over. As usual, the feng shui people say it’s going to be a good year blah-blah as long as you have charms placed in certain directions, facing here or there in areas of the house. I am part Chinese but I believe that you create your fortune, good or bad.

So what’s next? Summer! Oops, well, is it safe already? What I fear are other people. No matter how careful you may be, with just one careless person that crosses your path you either become at risk or are already infected.

So the idea of spending “vacation” in your house or your room is not that far-fetched anymore. Besides, it has been a thing in recent years. Although before, you check in a hotel located in the metro, maybe just near you, and enjoy the facilities it has to offer. Now even that is not a good idea. But that depends on you.

In the news and on social media, I see people vacationing, going to the beaches, Tagaytay, Baguio, and nearby provinces despite the number of new Covid cases still rising significantly.

Our government already considered slowly re-opening the economy to regenerate businesses, jobs, and income flow. In the news, cinemas have been given a green light but the city mayors are worried. They do not want to give Covid-19 even a little window of a chance to spread further. They think of the safety of the people because if anyone in the community gets infected, there is a strong chance it will be transmitted fast.

So here I am in my staycation, literally, at home! It’s simple. What do you see in a hotel room? Replicate that and transform your room into something you will love to stay in much, much longer. 

Hotel rooms have a certain scent. So give your transformed room a scent, a signature scent, or a flavor-of-the-month aroma. Whatever fancies you will be fine. Scents are accessible. You can find them online as most are available online now, considering the pandemic situation. 

With scents, you have to choose how they function, too: a room deodorizer or something spiked with anti-bacterial preparations. There are all-around cleaning/disinfectant solutions that also serve as linen or room scents. Multi-functional or multi-purpose, at least they do more than just one job.

So I ordered one. It’s the most popular thing with screaming ads and testimonials. It even has a perfect 5-star rating and positive comments. But it’s not for me. I just got curious.

Have you tried the No-Bake Chocolate Fudge?

I go for the citrus scents. I came across a line by Nix Designs Manila. They offer scented alcohols, liquid hand soaps, and linen sprays. 

Nix Designs Manila

  • Orange-scented handsoap

It takes off even fish or seafood smell on your hand and leaves a mild orange scent.

Nix Designs Manila

  • #cucumelon

I’m naming this CucuMelon. I know there are scented alcohols in the market but they still smell like hospitals or clinics or sometimes imitation perfumes. This one by Nix Designs Manila is different. It smells fresh! Like you’re suddenly one with nature.

Nix Designs Manila

  • Citrus linen spray

See this here? This is my new best friend. As soon as I received my bottle, I spritzed enough mist on my bed. With just 3 sprays (eyes closed) my room turned fresh and clean, just like that.

I do have some aromatherapy oil lamps, I don’t need them anymore!

Nix Designs Manila

And my curtains! They are in tropical leaves print and sheets are floral. Desk and dresser well arranged. And to complete the hotel feel, I place my Nix Designs Manila scent line!

Nix Designs Manila

These products come in different scents, you will surely find a favorite. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages. Send them a message for inquiries. These are also good for gifts or party giveaways.

I recommend things I use and believe in… ❤

Happy staycation everyone!

This coming weekend we start with our Budget Meal challenge. Recipes will be shared around.

Chef signed

All photos used, including featured image by Nix Designs Manila

Chef Chris Lachenal strives to elevate Filipino cuisine and revive dishes that are slowly losing popularity. A former chef instructor, he emphasized the importance of understanding the process of things in order to grasp refinement in food. As a chef-for-hire he satisfies his clients, always. He is the creative and passionate soul behind FoodCreations by CCL.

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