Progress on GTV Japan-Luzon East Aqua-Agri projects deal ‘moving fast’ — Angara

Progress on GTV Japan-Luzon East Aqua-Agri projects deal ‘moving fast’ — Angara

Global Trade Venture Group Senior Consultant Kazuo Sato (left) signs the Luzon East Runway Project Memorandum of Agreement with Mayor Rhett Angara (middle) of project host Municipality of Baler, and Aurora Lone District Congressman Rommel Angara (right) on Wednesday (17 February 2021) at Dusit Thani Hotel. (Photo by Benjie Cuaresma)

MAKATI City — “We are moving fast.”

That, in a nutshell, is how Baler, Aurora mayor Rhett Ronan Angara described the development of his town’s mega joint venture aquaculture-agriculture deal with Japanese firm Global Trade Venture Company Limited is going. 

Angara made his personal assessment over his town’s joint venture deal with GTVCL or GTV Japan as he and Representative Rommel Angara arrived last Wednesday (17 February 2021) for the virtual memorandum of agreement (MOA) signing at Dusit Thani Hotel for the Luzon East Runway Project (LERP).

GTV CEO and president Yoshihisa Arai signed virtually from Japan on behalf of main project proponent GTV otherwise known as the First Party while Mayor Rhett Angara signed personally for the project host Baler, referred to in the MOA as the Second Party.   

The LERP is projected to function similar to that of mammoth aircraft carriers of the world’s superpowers but the floating runway project, 4000m in length, is a vital cog in the project’s operations as it will serve as a taxiway for landing and take-offs of large-capacity Antonov carrier aircraft for the efficient ingress and egress of produce to and from Luzon East Hub (Baler) to countries affiliated with GTV Japan’s operations. 

According to Baler Mayor Angara, the Project is a welcome development as it will generate massive employment and income to the municipality that will fund necessary Infrastructures and essential services to his constituents.

Asked for his own take by GTV Group Senior Consultant Kazuo Sato, who also served as online signing facilitator of the proposed project, congressman Angara said their province is very much interested in the project as it will generate jobs for the people of Baler and neighboring towns in the Region.

Cong. Angara also served as one of the witnesses in the MOA signing. “We are looking forward to the project so that our province will have the economic activity which will benefit the municipality of Baler,” he said. 

Read by Mr. Arai, Mr. Nobuhiro Miura, a member of the House of Councilors of Japan, also send in his congratulatory message for the signing ceremony.


“I would like to extend congratulations on signing of the contract to establish a joint venture between Global Trade Venture and municipality of Baler, for development of aquamarine, regional health center, and airport.

I’m very pleased to know that you signed the contract which is a positive step toward the future in the midst of a serious economic situation due to Covid-19 pandemic.

These three (3) contracts will help the new types of aquamarine development in the Philippines. And by advancing the project in an integrated and comprehensive manner, ranging from production, distribution, sales, and health and welfare of workers and their families, a synergy effect will be created and will develop the joint venture in a shorter period.

This concept is very new in aquamarine development. I hear that you will promote the project taking advantage of Japanese fishery technologies and Japanese standards of quality control and management in medicine, health food, supplement, and products.

The municipality of Baler has world-level potential in natural resources. When the potential is combined with Japanese products and technologies based on the new concept, the development will be further encouraged and many fishery products will be distributed in the global markets. That will lead to further development of Philippine fishery industry and contribution to the health and welfare of local people. I’m sure that Japan will also be benefited from the project in various sectors.

People’s health is essential for industrial development. And food security is a very important theme to maintain health.
I’m providing support to the project implemented by the joint venture in obtaining cooperation from the Japanese government.

I believe that today’s signing will deepen the partnership between Japan and the Philippines and contribute to the economic development of the countries. I sincerely wish further prosperity of Global Trade Venture, Mr. Arai, Mr. Angara, Mayor of the municipality of Baler, and other participants.


Earlier in February 9, both parties also signed a MOA to establish a joint venture company as a public-private partnership (PPP). This will be the Baler East Coast Aquamarine and Agriculture Development Corporation joint venture.  

Duration of the said agreement is for twenty-five (25) years from the date of signing and shall thereafter be “automatically renewed for a successive twenty-five(25)-year extension periods unless there is an objection from any of the parties involved.”

The head of the Engineering consultancy group averred that aside from Baler, plans are also afoot to expand, almost simultaneously , the Luzon East Agro-Aqua Development Projects lining up the Pacific coastline from Quezon province up north to Isabela province.

Aside from the Pacific coastline projects, the multi-national group is also currently in the middle of talks with proponents and landowners to put up similar multi-billion-dollar agri-aqua industries in the western and northern seaboard of the Philippines particularly in the Zambales and Cagayan Valley areas, respectively, to the tune of five billion (USD 5B) budget.

GTV Group Director Kazuo Hara also attended the online signing together with airport consultant Felix Visey, Hawaii and Manila auction president Bernard Gusman. 

Intertwined with the master-planned projects, GTV Japan is also keen on bringing in Advance Technologies i.e., Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Nanotech, non-agricultural undertakings like medical facilities, drug supply, and other health products through the Japan Medicinal Association (JMA).

Kenji Kato, president, and CEO of BioMedix Co. Ltd. (BMCL), already forwarded Baler Mayor Rhett Angara a formal letter of intent invoking BMCL’s interest in “providing quality medicines to Baler government for organizing a medical infrastructure for all citizens and people involved in the proposed projects of organic agriculture and aquamarine.”

In summary, GTV Group Senior Consultant Kazuo Sato said Japan intends to forming joint associate business units and political cooperation through the following:

1: JMA medical project development unit in order to promote, export, and assist Regional Medical Care Organization Development with Asian LGUs even as it also plans to adapt Japanese Medical Technology and Inspection and Test Laboratory know-how.

2:  To provide Global Marketing and Sales Network to overseas Joint Venture Partners

3:   To support political units establishment

4:   To set up PPP JV units with LGU and government and lastly,

5:   To create Agri, Aqua, and Global Logistic Business development. (AI/MTVN)

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  1. This will be the start of revitalizing the Agriculture sectors of PH. With this partnership to Japan, PH can achieve unprecedented development. Advance Technologies will be used on all processes,from production,packaging to logistics, (AI, Robotics, Nanotech Satellite based operations) Also, Japanese work ethics, R&D , development funds will play major role in the Projects.

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