Netizens ask: Is it over for Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica?

Netizens ask: Is it over for Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica?

MANILA—Because of Kylie Padilla’s cryptic posts on her Instagram, netizens are alarmed and they think that Kylie and husband Aljur Abrenica are going through rough times in their married life.

And this is the question netizens are asking: Is their marriage on the rocks?

Based on Kylie’s recent tweets and posts on her Instagram, she is somewhat angry on something . It says: “I’m submissive, not stupid.”

The Kapuso actress’ statement on a black background was deleted later on. Then on Monday, February 22, there was another message: “More selflove, babygirl.”

Kylie also posted some videos where she was walking in their village with her children, three-year old Alas and a year-old Axl. Aljur was not on the video.

Then on February 21, Kylie posted a photo from an old pictorial where she was wearing a red dress, happy, her arms raised to the sky with an intriguing caption: “Free.” One would notice that the comment section for this photo was taken off.

Earlier today, Kylie posted another picture of her left hand noticeably, without the wedding ring on her finger. It was deleted eventually but somebody was able to screenshot the photo.

Her previous photos this month still showed her wedding ring on her finger like her posts on February 6 and February 11.

Her caption was meant for a person with whom she has learned a lot from and she hoped that the person to whom she  dedicated the poem also learned something, too. The post was also deleted afterwards.

Meanwhile, Aljur had a meaningful post the past week. The picture showed his hand holding a rosary, taken while he was inside the car.

Aljur shared on the caption that he has been praying the past days and he borrowed the rosary from his brother Vin Abrenica.

His message: “Prayed the rosary on the road. Been praying for a while.

“The power of prayer is real.

“Brought peace and clarity. Thank you @vinabrenica for lending and guiding me.”

Vin answered him and encouraged him about the power of prayer.

Fans and supporters are worried about Aljur and Kylie

Kylie and Aljur’s supporters are asking about the status of their relatiohship. Even the netizens are asking if there is a quarrel between them because Kylie deleted their photos with Aljur on Instagram.

The last post with Aljur was in May of last year.

A netizen replied and mentioned the “free” caption of Kylie  and the photo not wearing her wedding ring.

Another netizen is hoping their suspicion on the relationship status of Kylie and Aljur is wrong.

The netizen even mentioned that Aljur posted a video on his Facebook account yesterday showing the dancing Tiktok video of the couple.

But a netizen posted something like “hiwalay na sila.”

Others are thinking the couple are going through rough times in their marriage. Here are some of netizens comments which need answers:

“Hiwalay na sila ni Kylie Padilla.”

“May hindi ba magandang nangyayari? Sana hindi kayo maghiwalay. Stay strong!! Sa hirap at ginhawa!!

“Idol, kaylan po kayo mag-live ni Aj? Kasi hindi kayo magkasama sa picture. Wala na po ba si Aj sa bahay nyo?”

In Kylie’s tweets since last week, it could be sensed that she is really going through hard times.  In her tweet on February 15, she said: “I’ll be okay. I always am.”

“Claim your life not to the standard of society, it just gets you in trouble.”

Her last tweet last February 17: “Sometimes it’s so hard to be the better person… but… no there is no but. Its damn hard.”

Kylie and Aljur’s fans and followers are hoping their relationship are still intact and whatever they are going through shall soon pass. Kylie and Aljur were married in December 2018(Evelyn C. DiaoMTVN)

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