Check these three things in your child’s milk

Check these three things in your child’s milk

MANILA—The crucial phase in growing kids as they form a strong foundation for a healthier tomorrow is their need for all the support they can get as they traverse the delicate stage of childhood.

Parents only want the best for their children. Experts agree that drinking milk, even for older children plays a big role in a child’s growth and nutrition. It comes with plenty of advantages, especially in getting all the right nutrition they need.

This means choosing the best nutrition – and milk – that will support their growth and well-being.

To help parents make mindful decisions in purchasing milk for their kids, here is a checklist to know what qualities to look for.


Parents are very cautious about what they feed their children and this is justified. Researching a milk brand and the company that produces it will help you decide if the milk is safe. Checking on the community experience of a particular brand will also let you know if it is a good product.

Researching is key in making sure that your children will benefit from the milk you are feeding them and that it will aid their growth, not hinder it.


Using quality ingredients and having strict manufacturing standards also speak a lot about the milk brand. The milk itself should be pure and free of chemicals that pose a risk to children.

A milk’s quality will give way to a taste that children will love and assure parents that it is safe.


Another thing to check is if the milk has all the nutrients that a growing child may need.

Nutrients to look out for are calcium for strong teeth and bones, Vitamin A for good eyesight, Vitamin B for healthy red blood cells and nerves, and protein for tissue and muscle building – all these will greatly benefit your child’s development.

So it is important to know if a product has essential and important nutrients that will aid your child in creating a strong foundation.

Research for the trusted milk companies in the Philippines that can provide high-quality milk as an option for Filipino families.

Look for those with expertise and has developed premium nutritional products scientifically designed to meet the need of mothers and their children.

Some of the milk products to choose from are Bonakid Preschool 3+, Promil Four, Promil Gold Four, and Promama and many others that adhere to three guidelines – safety, quality, and nutrition.

These guidelines should be at the center of every ingredient and production process of every company. It should adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility, with regular and strict quality checks done so that no harmful microorganisms get into any of its products. Its milk only uses high-quality ingredients, measured in world-class laboratories, and carefully packed before reaching your doorstep.

Lastly, the milk brands should be specially formulated for the nutrition of Filipino children, infused with scientifically formulated micro and macro-nutrients that support their needs.

With the right nutritious milk drink, your child will have no problem growing up stronger and healthier.

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