Kitkat axed from ‘Happy Time’ for lashing out foul language at Janno Gibbs

Kitkat axed from ‘Happy Time’ for lashing out foul language at Janno Gibbs

MANILA—News have been out that  Kitkat has been axed as one of the hosts of “Happy Time,” a noontime show on Net25 due to her conflict with co-host Janno Gibbs. There is no reaction or confirmation yet from the comedienne as of this time.

Kitkat’s supporters and followers are waiting for her statement on the issue since they have been used to the comedienne’s regular post on social media about her feelings particularly her conflict with Janno, which led to her getting axed from the program.

Net25 management used the transcript which happened during the taping of “Happy Time” on Thursday, February 18 on what transpired between Janno and Kitkat as the basis of their investigation.   

Based on the transcript, Kitkat was the first to speak foul language against Janno when she called him “g*go.”

It was not the only foul word Kitkat said as she also called Janno “sira ulo” when she got pissed off in a game segment of “Happy Time.”

The singer-actor did not like the disrespectful attitude shown at him by his co-host.

On February 24, Wednesday, came out with the report about Janno reposting  a deleted message by Kitkat on Facebook on the wee hours of Friday, February 19.

Kitkat’s deleted FB post has a continuing statement from the comedienne which states:

“Di lang ako, lahat nanliit sa ginawa mo, ikamamatay ko stress ko sayo! Ako ‘tong may pinagdadaanan, may sakit pero ikaw ‘tong eksena! Kahit kelan, napaka- unprofessional mo!

“Bigla-bigla kang pumipitik kahit masaya ang lahat ilang beses na ‘yan pero eto rin di na mapapalampas! Sobra ka na!

“Tatay at asawa ko galit na galit, magharap daw kayo! Putulin ‘yang maliit mong ano! At bayaran mo mic na binato mo! Kapal ng mukha mo! Di ka namin mapapatawad!”

Earlier, Janno and Kitkat have patched up as told by the management to no avail, as Janno posted on his Instagram that Kitkat continued to deny she started the conflict. This could be endless.

 It is no longer “Happy Time?” (ED/MTVN)

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