Priest calls for donation of blood plasma to help severe Covid patients

Priest calls for donation of blood plasma to help severe Covid patients

File photo of Fr. Kali Llamado while celebrating mass at the Manila Cathedral. (Photo courtesy of the Archdiocese of Manila)

Sourced from UCA News by Tracy Cabrera

MANILA — In an effort to help Covid patients with more severe symptoms to recover from the deadly disease, a Filipino priest is encouraging more survivors of Covid-19 to donate their plasma as he cited himself to be part of a growing number of individuals who have survived despite the lack of vaccines back then when he contracted the disease.

In a statement, Manila Cathedral vice-rector Father Kali Llamado described how his unwavering faith in God and his desire to become a ‘Good Samaritan’ has led him to donate his convalescent plasma twice after recovering from the coronavirus disease.

In doing so, he said, he has realized that more (plasma) is needed to address what appears to be a constant shortage.

People with Covid-19 develop antibodies to fight off severe respiratory ailments caused by the virus and plasma is collected from donors who have recovered from the virus to battle the illness in other patients.

“More donors mean more people have a greater chance of surviving,” Manila Cathedra’s vice-rector pointed out.

“Today is my second time to donate convalescent plasma. Thankfully, four months after my recovery, my antibody levels are still high enough to make a donation,” Llamado proudly announced in a social media post.

He added that “everything has a purpose,” including his recovery from the virus.

“I believe God heals us for a purpose. I think this is God’s gift to us. He healed us so we can, in turn, heal others,” he stressed.

Although there is a lot that is unknown, convalescent plasma, based on records, best works on patients during the earlier part of the disease. Right now, health experts are using convalescent plasma to treat a small number of patients facing a severe or life-threatening situation due to Covid.

Filipino physician Donn Bernabe disclosed that as a doctor, who himself has recovered from the virus, donation gives people the opportunity to give life—the greatest gift of all.

“A little inconvenience on our part can go a long way. For me it (plasma donation) is both a responsibility and an act of kindness,” Bernabe said.

Fr. Llamado said those who have recovered like him must be thankful for the gift of healing and must return the gift to the needy.

“To my fellow Covid-19 survivors, please consider donating your blood plasma. This will give a chance for another man to live,” he enthused.

More than 580,000 Filipinos have contracted Covid-19 since the outbreak began in the country last year and according to government figures, at least 12,360 have died from the disease. (AI/MTVN)

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