JumpstartPH stages ‘peaceful protest’ vs Covid-19 vaccination

JumpstartPH stages ‘peaceful protest’ vs Covid-19 vaccination

MANILA — In total violation of established health protocols, a group that goes by the name JumpstartPH has on Sunday held its breakout “peaceful protest” here against the government’s vaccination program, unnecessary lockdowns, and everything or anything about the pandemic.

In a prepared statement, JumpstartPH claims the vaccination program of the government is not necessary because “there are available cures and preventive natural medicines made by great Filipino doctors.”

Obviously, JumpstartPH, also never advocates nor follows minimum health protocols as not one of them was seen wearing face masks, face shields, and never followed social distancing as photos would show.

Accordingly, non-compliance with the safety standards or health protocols amid the pandemic set by the IATF-EID has harsh consequences, why can not the authorities stop them from staging “peaceful protest” in line with what they call as “Worldwide Rally for Freedom.”

As part of JumpstartPH’s awareness campaign, the group said they will be holding similar mass actions in SM Cebu, at Libertad Sports Complex, Butuan among other schedules.

“Our aim is to relay our concerns to our government officials most especially to our dear President Rodrigo Duterte to please listen to the voice of his people who refuse to take such vaccines because of the greater risk of its adverse effects. We would like to let them know how the dangers of it will do more harm than good. We demand transparency and in-depth study of its contents before they require and mandate it to the people,” JumpstartPH’s statement said. (KIARA LAUREN IBANEZ/AI/MTVN)

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