Kim Atienza hits Lazada, Shopee for advertising ‘rape’ drugs

Kim Atienza hits Lazada, Shopee for advertising ‘rape’ drugs

The controversial ‘rape drug’ advertisement over Lazada that appeared on different social media platforms

Sourced from the net by Tracy Cabrera

MANILA — Online shoppers be forewarned.

If you are a Lazada or Shopee online shopper or on any other Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, chances are you’ve already stumbled over weird items on sale and some of these items come with really strange descriptions of images, advertising about anything on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Kim Atienza

One such advertisement recently caused a buzz in the Philippines when a local celebrity found the accompanying image to be offensive and blatantly supportive of rape culture.

On March 4, 2021, television celebrity and former Manila councilor Kim Atienza—who is known for hosting multiple TV segments—took to Twitter to air his disgust at seeing a Lazada ad that seemed to promote the sale of a drug that could be used for rape as it renders those who will use it unconscious and susceptible to abuse.

The ad showed a listing for a drug or medication meant to help users make victims fall into a deep sleep. The title read “Deep sleep) (one-second spray marriage to fall asleep fast” and it also included the word ‘hypnotic.’

Atienza called out e-commerce site Lazada for selling what appears to be a ‘date rape’ drug.

“Shame on you @LazadaPH. Do you even know what you’re selling? Is this even legal? I’m calling you out. Shame,” Atienza tweeted, sharing a photo of what appears to be a sleeping woman with her breast popping out of her tank top.

Lazada’s Twitter account responded to Atienza’s complaint, saying that the ad had “already been coordinated with the relevant teams for checking and investigation.” The ad appears to have been taken down and can no longer be seen on Lazada.

In a post in Twitter, dated March 4, 2021, Lazada responded: Hi! Thank you for bringing this to our attention . . . Rest assured that our team is already on top of the issue. Thank you and stay safe! –Starr.

Minutes later the advertisement was no longer available on social media, apparently deleted. (AI/MTVN)

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