A Marriage of Politics and Commerce: Finally Giving the People What They Want

A Marriage of Politics and Commerce: Finally Giving the People What They Want

As 2020 Changed the world, so did the POLITICAL LANDSCAPE. 

Just last February, Comelec announced a possible ban on face to face campaigns. No more house to house, no more caucuses, no more People’s Day. How then will political candidates get their messages and advocacies across their constituents and voters?  

Meanwhile e-commerce has successfully pivoted in 2020 cushioning the private sector. One can really feel that big e-commerce have become the champions of the pandemic alongside the unparalleled pace of the digital economy. But what distinctly made e-commerce ready for this great pivot was – Big Data. With big data analytics, e-commerce companies brought enhanced shopping experiences to their customers through faster shipment, more personalized offerings, and better customer service. 

This technology inevitably trickles down to the political arena. Past election campaigns have already employed digital marketing tools specifically social media or the use of Facebook and anonymous accounts that are influencing perceptions and comments of candidates. However, focusing purely on social media might do a candidate more harm than good. Analytics allows you to make good news more targeted and more effective instead of the typical political social media approach of scare tactics and bashing, using analytics will set you apart from the negativity of the political mudslinging that polarizes the society even more. The truth is political operations take place below the radar and the true innovation is employing data-driven marketing disciplines and tools. 

Investing in an analytics company based in Silicon Valley, Evimeria Alpha Solutions Inc or EASi believes that data analytics can give voice to the people and at the same enable campaign teams with insights to pivot their strategies. With this new tool, campaign teams can have access to the pulse of the public through real-time digital surveys and self-service dashboards that will power their political operations. Campaigns will be able to deliver the rights messages at the right time to the right people.

The style of old politics was always from top to bottom with the candidate’s personal advocacies as the focal point. These messages are pushed down and repeated to the grassroots until they stick. But the world has changed and the style of campaigning with it. With large majority of people spending their mornings, their waiting time, their errands, their entertainment online, it only makes sense to connect to them on it.  Digital will only continue to deliver results so there is no better time to listen to people, hear the people and understand the people better but in this cusp of offline and online which is the 2022 Philippine Elections. Let the political campaign echo the words of the people and sharpen their messaging relevant to the people through data analytics.  The well targeted carrot is more effective than the stick that is aimed at everyone.  

It will be an exciting 2022, let us NOT be left in the unknown. 


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