Modern Day Bayanihan amidst the Pandemic

Modern Day Bayanihan amidst the Pandemic

Leaving a Legacy by C. de los Angeles

I recently came across a CNN Philippines infographic that listed the donations of the private sector during the early part of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

It is heartening to know that the spirit of Bayanihan, a Philippine value deeply ingrained in our psyche is alive amongst the various conglomerates in the country who despite differences and personal interests united to combat the global COVID-19 Pandemic.
As early as April 2020, around a month from the lockdowns, those listed above shelled out a total of 8.018 Billion pesos to help our country and our countrymen.

Project Ugnayan composed of 34 corporations shelled out 1.7 billion while the friendship of Sen. Manny Pacquiao and Jack Ma contributed 1.004 Billion pesos making them the second largest donation, followed by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines at 1 Billion and San Miguel Corporation, the largest conglomerate in the Philippines at 877 Million.

The list is long with 25 various groups or companies with a total of 8.018 Billion. Unprecedented in the speed in which the aid was given and the resources these groups poured out despite and inspite their various companies and personal wealth suffering due to this pandemic.

It is truly selfless for them to reach deep down in their pockets to salvage what they can to keep their companies afloat as well as contribute to our country to solve this crisis.

It truly brings an inspiration how together hand in hand, kapit bisig, we can be united and achieve great things. Bayanihan is alive and these firms and groups prove it. 

Let this serve as an inspiration for us, to stop complaining or being selfish and instead to look for ways to help because it is only if we are united and helping one another that we can overcome this crisis and bring our country to great heights.

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