DOH barks: Wear face masks at home!

DOH barks: Wear face masks at home!

By Junex Doronio
March 21, 2021

MANILA — If this is not paranoia, then the Department of Health (DOH) must have another term for its late Saturday order for the public to wear face masks inside their homes and skip any non-essential travel as it tallied 7,999 new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases, increasing from the previous day’s count of 7,103.

Ridiculously, the DOH said only when alone at home that face mask is not needed and again it called on the public to observe preventive measures such as social distancing “at all times and in all settings.”

The national capital region or Metro Manila —remains under a general community quarantine status (GCQ).

Even if it has the most Covid-19 incidents, Metro Manila is allowing most establishments including restaurants and malls to remain open.

So-called granular lockdowns are instead implemented in areas with a disproportionate number of cases and are at more risk of contagion.

It was gathered that despite health authorities’ confidence that hospital capacity has been scaled up, LGUs and hospitals report that they are no longer able to admit new patients and even those with milder cases of Covid-19.

Several intensive care units (ICUs) have also reached full capacity.

Meanwhile, nurses decry being victims of the “inefficient and mismanaged” pandemic response. They have renewed calls for Health Secretary Francisco “Dingkoy” Duque III to resign.

The health workers have pressed anew mass virus testing, aggressive contact tracing, and improved quarantine services. (AI/MTVN)

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