ALDUB Nation boycotts ‘Daddy’s Gurl,’ ‘Eat Bulaga,’ trends on Twitter

ALDUB Nation boycotts ‘Daddy’s Gurl,’ ‘Eat Bulaga,’ trends on Twitter

MANILA—Furious “true-bloodied” fans of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza love team(AlDub), known as “true bloodied” ALDUB Nation or ADN have been trending on Twitter as they abhorred the guesting of Arjo Atayde on “Daddy’s Gurl,” a weekly sitcom where Maine  plays the lead role, that they have called to boycott programs produced by M-ZET Productions and APT Entertainment.

M-ZET is owned by “Eat Bulaga!” co-host Vic Sotto while APT Entertainment is owned by Tony Tuviera. They are co-producers of “Daddy’s Gurl,” and APT is a subsidiary of TAPE Inc., which produces “Eat Bulaga.” Both are blocktimers of GMA Network.

ADN has been on its 22nd days’ call to boycott all the programs produced by M-ZET Productions and APT Entertainment using the hashtag “#TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT17.”

The number 17 is the 17th day of their call to boycott this March 24, Wednesday.  According to the true-blooded ADN fans, they already had “boycott hashtag” which they used for the first six days and they have been trending for the past days.

From the tweet of a fan, it said: (published as is): “TBADN we are REDEFINING our concept of ENTERTAINMENT.

“We find Dotdotan entertaining than watching Daddysgurl @pauleenl_sotto and @EatBulaga.

“Hindi na namin pinanonood ito. Tuloy ang BOYCOTT

“LABAN PARA SA ALDUB @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm @panaadedge #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT16”

From another true-blooded ADN fan: “We have this OHT trending 4 16 days & b4 that 6 days w/ another boycott HT.

“TBADN is now on its 22nd day of boycott.

“Akala nila madalian lang ito.. little do they know that unless effectual changes r seen this will continue.”

They have also agreed and united that they will not also patronize the advertisers or sponsors of the shows of M-ZET at APT.

Reason for their boycott

ALDUB fans reacted due to the guesting of Arjo Atayde on one of the recent episodes of “Daddy’s Gurl.” It was part of Maine’s birthday special who celebrated her birthday on March 3.

The “true blodied” fans did not like the all-out support of the creators of “Daddy’s Gurl” for Maine and Arjo who the ADN believe are the perpetrators of the Arjo-Maine relationship when they claim they know the facts offcam.

They prefer to have Alden Richards to be Maine’s partner on TV or movie screen.

ALDUB (Alden and Yaya Dub) became popular on the “Kalyeserye” segment of “Eat Bulaga!” from July 16, 2015 to December 17, 2016.

It was followed by films “My Bebe Love:

#Kilig pa More” in 2015 and “Imagine You and Me” in 2016 and a Kapuso Kapuso prime-time series “Destined To Be Yours” (2017).

There are ALDUB fans who said they cannot accept the way their management demolish the love team of their idols which they started in mid-2018. It started when they got solo projects on TV and in movies.

Their appeal is for Maine and Alden to have projects together aside from being co-hosts on “Eat Bulaga.”

“Daddy’s Gurl” director Chris Martinez learned about the tweets of the true-bloodied ADN fans who were, and are still mad at the Arjo’s guesting on the show. They tagged the director about their tweets.

A fan’s tweet said that the creators of the programs “Eat Bulaga” and  “Daddy’s Gurl” described as “takot na takot” after the days of boycott from the “true-bloodied” ADN fans.

Direk Chris responded: “Hindi po ako takot. Busy lang. Sayang oras.”

According to the director, he was aware of all the bashes hurled at him and the staff of the program. “At quota na ang mata ko sa mga kabastusang salita. Huwag mong isipin na kaya ka blinock kasi nakakatakot ka. Kaya ka na-block kasi bastos at istorbo ka. K, bye.”

Somehow, the director showed the screenshot of the TV ratings of “Daddy’s Gurl” episode to imply that the sitcom got a fair rating despite the call for boycott of the ALDUB Nation.

But a netizen countered that there were only 23 ads which was lower than the the previous episodes. The netizen even told Chris: “Kung ako sa ‘’yo direk, mananahimik na ako. Ikaw lang ang director na kuda ng kuda.

“Kawawa naman ang staff at celebrity mawalan ng work.”

Chris replied: “You cannot tag me and not expect a response.”

Earlier, a netizen took a swipe at Chris saying the show only got few ads despite its two-week promotion about Arjo’s guesting.

Chris replied: “Hindi na po ako makikipag asaran sa inyo.

Nagawa nyo na po ang gusto nyong gawin. Kami po ay magmo-move on na para harapin na ang mga bagong gawain. Sana makapag-move on na rin kayo. Tapos na po ang boksing.”

Chris appeals for peace


The director appealed for peace and wished that the “tru-bloodied” ADN will stop from hurling bad words after the guesting of Arjo on the show.

His piece of advice: “Baka lang makatulong: The five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Kayo na po mag-assess kung nasaang stage na po kayo. PEACE!

“And enjoy life! LET’S MOVE ON.”

He said he doesn’t understand why the fans are so  mad despite his good answers to their accusations. What he did was to block some of them for his own peace of mind.

A netizen requested for a chance to have Alden again as guest on “Daddy’s Gurl.”  Alden guested previously in one episode as Maine’s high school crush on March 9, 2019.

Chris answered: “Noted. Kasi nice ka mag-ask. Unlike the others. No promises though.”

The “true-bloodied” ADN will continue with their fight until they see the result of what they are fighting for—no to solo projects, no to Arjo-Maine relationship which believe is a big lie. (ECDiao/MTVN)

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