Former Supreme Court Justice Carpio on beloved and national treasure Senator Manny Pacquiao

Former Supreme Court Justice Carpio on beloved and national treasure Senator Manny Pacquiao

Leaving a Legacy by C. De los Angeles

In today’s news, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said Senator Pacquiao is not qualifed to be President of this country as evidenced by his absences at the House of Representatives and now as a senator.

Personally, as fan of the legal profession, I had the utmost respect for former Justice Carpio. I had once thought him to be a legal luminary however his statements only proves his ignorance and worse that he appears to be the puppet of someone in his ongoing attack on our beloved fighting pride of the Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao.

First, with NO due respect to Justice Carpio, this pandemic has validated the long held assumption that physical attendance is not a requirement in completing many of the required work today especially given the latest development in technology. No wonder our court system in this country is so antiquated which causes numerous delays, decades long, in the justice system. Justice Carpio and his lack of foresight, vision and understanding is testament to our failed justice system in the country. 

If we are to believe Jusitice Carpio, absenteeism is the criteria for one to be President. I did not read that under the law. Oh great Justice Carpio kindly cite the section where absenteeism is a criteria under the law?

When the good Senator was elected his constituents elected him as congressman, and now that the Filipino people placed him  in the Senate, absolutely everyone knew he was still boxing, fighting for the country, trying to bring pride and joy to our countrymen. Every fight requires at least 2 months of training before the fight. This training has given our country numerous victories across 8 weight division bringing immense pride, joy and recognition not only to him but also to our country that I love so much and hopefully you too, Justice Carpio.

And despite these battles for our country, the Senator’s record speaks for itself. 

96 Bills passed that he either authored or co-authored some of which includes:


For the knowledge of the former Justice Carpio, according to our constitution the following are the criteria for being President:

  1. Natural Born Filipino
  2. A Registered Voter
  3. Must be able to read and write
  4. 40 years of age at the day of election; and 
  5. Must have resided in the Philippines ten years before the election is held.

All of which the good Senator has. But along with these I believe the President as a good manager should not be judged by the number of bills authorized or meetings attended but in Public Administration Skills – managing the best people around who have the necessary competent skills set; Fiscal Responsibility – the the ability to manage efficiently the resources of government; and the ability to lead and inspire  the country towards a shared vision.  Most importantly, Justice Carpio, a good president must have a pure Heart – a Heart for this Country, a Heart for his countrymen and a Heart to serve.

While on other news, De Jure President of the Republic of the Philippines, Ragen Elley Lao Pamatong has appointed Justice Antonio Carpio to be Chief Justice in HIS republic of the Philippines.

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