HOR finally acts on FLAG-MAHARLIKA’s impeachment case vs AJ Leonen

HOR finally acts on FLAG-MAHARLIKA’s impeachment case vs AJ Leonen

By Junex Doronio
March 25, 2021

MANILA — After several days of bombarding heavens with prayers, House Speaker Lord Allan Jay Velasco finally saw the light and acted on Thursday, March 25, on the impeachment complaint filed last year by Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance-MAHARLIKA (FLAG-MAHARLIKA) Secretary General Edwin M. Cordevilla against Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

In his 25 March 2021 memo to House Majority Leader Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez, Velasco wrote: “We endorse herewith the original copies of the Impeachment Complaint filed by Mr. Edwin M. Cordevilla against Associate Justice Mario Victor F. Leonen of the Supreme Court. The said complaint was endorsed by Rep. Angelo Marcos Barba, 2nd District, Ilocos Sur. For your appropriate action.”

FLAG-MAHARLIKA welcomed the latest development and expressed optimism that the duly elected representatives in Congress “will do their sworn duty to review and vote on the merits of our complaint against (Associate Justice Marvic) Leonen.”

“We trust that given the precedent set forth in similar past rulings regarding our Supreme Court Justices for far lesser offenses that Justice will prevail,” FLAG-MAHARLIKA said in a statement.

It added: “God-willing should the majority of our representatives find our complaint with merit, let this serve as warning to those in the Judiciary who purposely delay Justice that Justice delayed is Justice Denied.”

Cordevilla earlier lamented that since December 7, 2020, when his group filed an impeachment case against Leonen for “culpable violation of the Constitution and betrayal of public trust” that was found sufficient in form by the House Secretary-General himself, no action had been taken.

“The House of Representatives, tasked to hear the case however, prefers to play dumb and chooses to take cover behind some alien mathematics,” Cordevilla blasted.

“For, strangely, nobody among them seems to know how to correctly count their session days. The inaction of the House echoes the very attitude we find contemptible in Justice Leonen.”

The FLAG-MAHARLIKA official pointed out that they have painstakingly built up the case to prove and show that Justice Leonen is indeed needed to be removed without delay, via a sacred right enshrined in the Constitution. (AI|MTVN)

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