Laguna court convicts 2 for life for human trafficking

Laguna court convicts 2 for life for human trafficking

MANILA — The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) announced Thursday the promulgation of Sta. Cruz, Laguna Family Court Branch 6 over the verdict convicting subjects MARY JANE MENDOZA y PARAISO and MAGDELANA VIRAY y MASALONGA guilty of human trafficking.

The two were arrested by the elements of NBI-Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Division (NBI-AVAWCD) on September 26, 2019, and accordingly charged for Human Trafficking.

NBI OIC-Director Eric B. Distor said that last September 2019, NBI-AVAWCD received a piece of information regarding the unlawful activities of the subjects in Laguna offering minor girls sexual pleasure for a fee.

NBI-AVAWCD operatives immediately conducted surveillance to confirm the veracity of the information which yielded positive results and confirmed that there were indeed human trafficking activities in the area.

Thus, on September 26, 2019, NBI-AVACD operatives hatched the entrapment operation which resulted in the arrest of Subjects MENDOZA and VIRAY, together with their companion WARREN MASACAYAN y REYES and with the rescue of two (2) female victims including three (3) minor girls.

In a series of court appearances, NBI-AVAWCD operatives testified categorically and muster the test of credibility and consistency which ultimately earned the full faith and confidence of the court.

The court hearings were also attended by the victims and witnesses who gave their testimonies which solidified the fact that Subjects Mendoza and Viray indeed committed the crime of Qualified Trafficking.

Thus, on March 04, 2021, a judgment was promulgated finding accused MARY JANE MENDOZA y PARAISO and MAGDALENA VIRAY y MASALOGA guilty beyond reasonable doubt for five (5) counts of Qualified Trafficking in Persons as defined and penalized under R.A. 9208 as further amended by RA10364.

The court ordered the two (2) accused to suffer Life Imprisonment for each count and also ordered them to pay a fine of P2 Million without eligibility for parole and to pay each private complainant the amount of P200,000 as moral damages and P100,000 as exemplary damages.

The court, however, ordered the acquittal of WARREN MASACAYAN Y REYES for the failure of the prosecution to prove the guilt of the latter.

OIC-Director Distor emphasized that the NBI will tirelessly hunt groups and individuals who are continuously taking advantage and exploiting the weaknesses of our fellow countrymen. (Kiara Lauren Ibanez/BENJAMIN CUARESMA|AI|MTVN)

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