PR Man Dante Ang earning his keep?

PR Man Dante Ang earning his keep?

La Industrial by Sixto Guevara

Last March 23, 2021 in the publication owned by Dante Ang, Manila Times, a hit piece came out against our beloved icon, The Fighting Pride of the Philippines, 8 division world champion and now Senator of the Philippines, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.
In the article entitled “Pacquiao, political icon or charlatan?”, he claims to have admired the good senator until according to him, he began to think like a “trapo”. He cites political ambition for the Presidency as well as the need for Duterte’s endorsement. He further highlights the ongoing attempted “Coup d’etat” by Sec. Cusi in PDP-LABAN as reasons why Sen. Manny Pacquiao will never win. And to cap his ludicrous discussion he releases a blind item a supposed “Pacquiao” adviser who talks big and is “legend in his own mind.”

As a PR man who specializes in demolition jobs, I can understand he is only trying to earn his keep. A job is a job as they say. In his own words, his life is a fairy tale of a rags to riches story albeit of a different kind, far from the blood, sweat and tears of that of Sen. Manny Pacquiao. He has achieved great wealth through the years from back door dealings and trampling of people which is well documented in various news articles.

But who is this PR man Dante Ang? He is best known for being one of many that handled the public relations of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It is with through this relation that he was able to wrest control and buy from Mark Jimenez the current newspaper he owns, The Manila Times. As well the now failed bank, Bank Wise which he invested 250 million to become it’s chairman. 

Unknown to many, one of the main reasons for securing Bankwise was a little known scheme involving the Philippine Leisure and Retirement Agency (PLRA) or what is now known as the Philippine Retirement Authority. This agency grants special retirement visas to foreigners while attracting investments for the country. Bankwise was one of the few designated banks by PLRA that was allowed to accept such deposits in exchange for investor visa. This resulted in NBI case for Estafa and with the bank closing shortly after. You can read more details here:

Although, I lack details on whatever became of the case which I suppose was swept under the rug especially given his prestigious client, the sitting President at the time. 

During the next Presidency, that of President Aquino, it was divulged to me by a former PCSO accounting staff who was privy to details at the time that he was in their payroll not sure the exact amount but around the 500,000 a month. What an amount during those times? I wonder what he was being paid to do?

Anyway, I got to hand it to him for being at the right time all the time when it comes to those in power. I think the term is “Political Butterfly.” He espouses the epitome of what is wrong with this country nowadays. The lack of Filipino values like the value of Loyalty. Say what he may of the good Senator but he is surrounded with loyal and some maybe even rabid supporters whose allegiance and devotion can not easily be bought. This loyalty stems from witnessing years upon years of Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s continuing fight for this country in the ring and outside the ring through his selfless giving of his personal wealth to help uplift the many poor in this country. Some even claim that even if Sen. Manny gives all his wealth it is not enough for this country but the idealism and youthful hope to inspire others to take up the cuddles of his impossible dream is what drives him. That one day, together and united we can lift this country to greatness. 

This is far cry from the rags to riches story of Dante Ang and is an insult in his vain attempt to compare himself to the Great Senator Manny Pacquiao. 

Moving forward to this presidency, The Duterte Administration, lo and behold he is also the PR man of the current sitting President. It can be recalled that he was appointed early on in the Presidency and was behind the botched demolition job “Oust-Duterte Matrix” which a brave editor in Manila Times called out and lost his job thereafter for blowing the whistle. 
After that botched job, Dante Ang vanished from public eye till recently this January he was reappointed to the Duterte Administration. I guess the war with black propaganda, outrageous and fabricated accusations begins as we approach the coming elections that is why his skill sets are being demanded again. 

Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s heart is unquestioned. His life has been lived on principle and respect for others. It is not in his nature to speak ill of others. But mark my words, he is not called the People’s Champ for nothing. The PEOPLE love him and they appreciate the past fight and victories for them and this country that we love. They will FIGHT for him for he is truly for the masses. I believe these continued attacks will awaken this sleeping giant amongst the masses that no president before him has ever encountered. A true revolution of the people who will fight with him and for him to bring about the long desired change this country so desperately needs.

Itaga mo sa Bato!

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