1Sambayanan (Dilaw) set to appoint Isko Moreno as its standard bearer

1Sambayanan (Dilaw) set to appoint Isko Moreno as its standard bearer

La Industrial by Sixto Guevara

The new Anti-Duterte Coalition, 1Sambayanan which is the last vestiges of the remnants of the Dilawan, has chosen Isko Moreno to be its standard bearer.

This is the only logical choice among the names given by former Justice Carpio in his list of preferred candidates which include the likes of VP Leni, former Senator Trillanes, Senator Grace Poe, and Mayor Isko Moreno.

However, to many observers,  to be associated to the “Dilaws” is like a kiss of death. In fact, after the shortlist was announced by Justice Carpio, several of their nominees like Senator Grace Poe, Senator Miguel Zubiri and Senator Joel Villanueva were quick to make announcements and distance themselves from Carpio’s group.

This kiss of death is so potent that the full force of the DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporters) has been alleging that Sen. Manny Pacquiao is the secret candidate of the Dilawans and Oligarchs when this is so far from the truth.

First, Justice Carpio and his like were quick to attack Sen. Manny Pacquiao as not qualified for the presidency. True to many of the snobbish elites (oligarchs),  to have someone (dark skinned) who was not born to any of the old rich families become President of this country is unacceptable and even distasteful.

All contenders for the Presidency have come from rich or political families including Presidents Duterte and President Erap. Although Mayor Isko Moreno has a similar background as Senator Manny Pacquiao, Mayor Isko is light skinned and more palpable to the eyes of the rich and mighty in this country. Sen. Pacquiao’s strong moral and personal convictions, as well as his undying love for the poor, may cause many problems in the agenda that the oligarchs and dilawans would want to have on this country.

There is a saying that you know you are number 1 when all sights are set at you to bring you down. Both DDS and 1sambayanan (Dilaw) are trying to bring Senator Manny Pacquiao down because they must see his magic. Moreover, based on their information, Pacquiao looms as the strongest candidate to win the 2022 elections.

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