Coco Martin, Julia Montes confirm Boracay trip through video greetings, photo-op at airport

Coco Martin, Julia Montes confirm Boracay trip through video greetings, photo-op at airport

manilafans and  supporters of Coco Martin and Julia Montes borrowed the famous line of Bea Alonzo—“Time is the ultimate truth teller—” to describe the signs that indeed, the rumoured couple is ready to admit their relationship.

The signs were revealed when the fans spotted Coco and Julia arriving at a local airport, in Caticlan for Boracay, where they had a short vacation.

On their way back to Manila, Coco and Julia granted to have a photo op and videos at the airport before their flight.

Even if they were wearing face shields and face masks per safety protocols, the fans finally confirmed that they were Coco and Julia when they granted a video greeting request of a ground flight attendant at Caticlan airport, the point of entry and exit to Boracay Island-Manila.

The ground attendant requested a special shoutout for her townfolks in Pandan, Antique.

The first video showed that Coco gamely greeted the Antiquenos. He said, “Hi! Kumusta kayo mga taga-Antique? God bless you!”

On the second video, was Julia’s turn to greet the people of Antique.

“Hello sa mga taga-Pandan, Antique! Be safe!,” a friendly Julia said.

The ground attendant shared the video greetings on Wednesday afternoon, March 25.

The Coco-Jul fans were so grateful for the video greetings they had from the couple.

Ground attendants thrilled with coco’s greetings

It could be gleaned that Coco did not hide their vacation trip together, knowing that as celebrities, they would be easily recognized. They gamely waved to their fans who were so thrilled to see their idols in person.

In one video where Julia and Coco were at the check-in counter, it showed how Coco waved his hand to the female attendants who got giddy as they saw the popular lead actor of the most-watched ABS-CBN prime-time series “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

“Cutie!” was how a ground attendant told Coco.

Photo-op with PAL ground attendants

Coco and Julia also granted a photo-op with the group of Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight attendants. One of the group shots had a message thanking Coco and Julia for flying PAL on their way back to Manila.

The PAL ground attendant’s message, “Have a safe flight, Coco Martin and Julia Montes.” (ECDiao/MTVN)

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